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Colossal Ice Cube Tray

Freeze gigantic ice cubes with this silicone tray.

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Create enormous ice cubes with the Colossal Ice Cube Tray.

Thanks to the phenomenon of surface-area-to-volume ratio, these large cubes will melt slower and chill your drink for longer. This also has the added benefit of diluting your drink less than smaller cubes.

Silicone construction makes it easy to pop-out your half-dozen two-inch monster cubes.

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Features & specs

  • Material: silicone
  • Makes 2" cubes!
  • Bigger is most definitely better

Make gigantic ice cubes!

We didn't want to go home, so we went big.

With the Colossal Ice Cube Tray, you can create ridiculously large (yet still highly functional and usable) ice cubes. Each cube has sides that are two inches (5 cm) long.

Woman displaying a giant two-inch cube of ice in her hand.
Create massively beautiful ice cubes with the Colossal Ice Cube Tray.

Keeps drinks colder, longer, and with less dilution

Think of a massive ice cube in the same terms as that huge mound of snow that lingers in the parking lot long after all the snow on the grass has melted. The larger the cube, the longer it takes to melt. Thank you, surface-area-to-volume ratio!

So, not only will your gigantic ice cube make a fun visual statement, it will also keep your drinks colder for a longer period of time; it will also dilute your drink less than a similar volume of smaller cubes.

Giant ice cube in a deliciously cold liquor drink.
The bigger the cube, the longer it takes to melt.

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