Extreme Pop Rocks: Super-loud sour popping candy.

Extreme Pop Rocks

Super-loud sour popping candy.

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Wake up your taste buds with the extremely loud sound and the big taste of Extreme Pop Rocks.

Each tube contains a generous portion of the classic hard candy crystals that have been amped up to fizz even louder than the original.

Available in delicious sour flavors like Sour Berry Blast and Savage Sour Apple, each pour will have you drooling for more decibels.

Note: Because Extreme Pop Rocks are delivered to us assorted, your flavor will be chosen at random.

Features & specs

  • Individual pouches of Extreme Pop Rocks candy
  • Hard candy that fizzes when you put it in your mouth
  • Available in two sour flavors: Savage Sour Apple and Sour Berry Blast
  • The flavor is chosen at random
  • Net wt.: 0.24 oz (7 g)

Deafeningly delicious

OK, maybe not deafening, but Sour Extreme Pop Rocks are LOUD! The familiar pop and fizz of Pop Rocks have been amplified to levels never before tasted, and the powerhouse pop is paired with extra sour flavoring to create a sensation that's truly extreme.

Candy that goes to 11!

Mouthwatering miscellany

Sour Extreme Pop Rocks come in two super-sour, super-loud, super-delicious flavors: Savage Sour Apple and Sour Berry Blast.

Because of the way the pouches are shipped, we can't guarantee which flavor you'll get, but we can promise each one is a delicious thrill ride for your taste buds and a rock show for your eardrums.

Savage Sour Apple and Sour Berry Blast (flavors chosen at random)
You'll be surprised by the extreme taste and popping of a surprise flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the ingredients? Asking for a kid that has allergies.

Answer: Sugar, Lactose, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color (Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5). Processed with Carbon Dioxide. Contains tartrazine.

Question: Can I make myself explode if I eat these and drink soda at the same time?

Answer: Unfortunately for awesomeness (but fortunately for your health), mixing Extreme Pop Rocks and soda won't make you explode. But the expanding gases might cause you to buuuuurp! (Excuse me!)

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