Gardens in a Bag - Grow your own Catnip and Dog Grass
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Pet-friendly Garden in a Bag

Everything you need to grow your own catnip or dog grass.

This item has been discontinued.
Dog Grass
This item has been discontinued.


Garden in a Bag provides a simple way to grow a completely organic gift for your favorite dog or cat. Each kit includes soil, seeds, and coco chips for drainage. You'll even use the leak-proof bag itself as a "pot" to hold the catnip (for your feline friends) or barley grass (for dogs) as it grows.

To grow, simply add water and a little sunshine. Seeds will germinate within 10 days. If desired, you can transplant your "garden" outdoors where pets can enjoy it for years to come. The catnip and barley grass are USDA-certified organic.

Please note that this item cannot be shipped outside the US.

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Features & specs

  • Dimensions (of bag): 7" x 5" x 3"
  • Includes soil, seeds, and coco chips
  • Leak-proof bag
  • Choose from catnip or dog (barley) grass
  • USDA-certified organic seeds
  • Germination time: 5-10 days

Create a Garden of Eden for your favorite pets

Everything you need to grow catnip or dog grass is included in each Garden in a Bag:

  • Packet of soil
  • Packet of seeds
  • Coco chips (to be left in the bottom of the bag for drainage)
  • Leak-proof plant bag

The Garden in a Bag includes everything you need to grow your own dog grass and cat nip.
Garden in a Bag includes a soil packet, seeds, coco chips for drainage, and a leak-proof plant bag.

Just add a little water and some sunshine

Once you've opened the contents of your Garden in a Bag, all you need to do is add a bit of water and place in a sunny location. Within a few weeks, you'll have a beautiful bag of dog grass or catnip. Your pets will love you for it!

Just add a little water and sunlight to grown your own cat nip and dog grass.
Simply add water to the leak-proof Garden in a Bag to grow your very own catnip or dog grass.

Choose from catnip and dog grass

Catnip: We all know that a little catnip can create a frenzy in felines that rivals that of a gaggle of pre-teen girls at a 1988 mall appearance by New Kids on the Block. Here are a few catnip facts: 80% of all cats are attracted to catnip and even lions and tigers enjoy its oils. Catnip can also be used in salads and calming teas.

Dog Grass: What we call "dog grass" is actually barley grass. And for those of you wondering, no, grass is not bad for dogs! Here's the skinny: Barley grass provides essential vitamins and minerals and is rich in chlorophyll (a natural detoxifier, mild antibiotic and deodorizer). Additionally, it has digestive benefits, freshens doggy breath, and tastes good. Some pet owners cut up the barley grass and sprinkle it on their dog's food.

Many pet owners are wary of letting their dog eat "random" grass as it may be treated with chemicals. With Garden in a Bag, you'll know that your dog is chomping down on USDA-certified organic grass, so it'll not only taste better, but will be free of toxins and a benefit to their health.

Choose from catnip and dog grass.
Grow a wonderful treat for your cat or dog with Garden in a Bag.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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