Giant Donut Cake Pan Set

Bake delicious cakes that look like gigantic donuts.

This item has been discontinued.

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With this pan set, you can create a cake that looks like a giant donut. This culinary fusion is made possible via a set of nonstick coated aluminum pans and pure confectionary vision.

The Giant Donut Cake Pan Set includes two eight-inch pans as well as recipes for cake and icing. However, the beauty of baking is that you can create anything you want! If you want a vanilla donut with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles, you can do it with the Giant Donut Cake Pan Set.

Features a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 8" diameter pans
  • Material: Nonstick coated aluminum
  • Includes delicious cake and icing recipes
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in the USA

Watch our Giant Donut Cake Pan Set video

It's a cake-donut fusion!

Our Giant Donut Cake Pan Set allows you to create delicious cakes that look like gargantuan donuts. Frankly, I think we may have reached the zenith of culinary confections with this one.

We're talking about combining delectable, mouthwatering, finger-licking, lip-smacking, melt-in-your-mouth cake with the palatable beauty of the doughnut. It's like... the power of lightning and the vigor of the ocean have merged into one colossal bakery treat.

Create cakes that look like giant donuts with our Donut Cake Pan Set.
Enjoy the deliciousness that is a giant cake that looks like a donut!

Did we mention that it tastes like heaven?

Like our other cake pans, the Giant Donut Cake Pan Set comes with a tasty cake recipe. However, you can create any flavor of cake that suits you. Frankly, we've yet to meet a bad-tasting cake.

So, once you've baked your cake of choice, you'll add your icing and other decorations of choice (sprinkles, baby!). Now, it's time to devour your delicious treat.

Giant Donut Cake on a table.
While a fork is preferred, nothing is stopping you from digging into that slice hands-first.

Even baking, quick release, and easy cleanup

These nonstick aluminum pans are a dream to work with! Your cakes will release without any issue,  which ensures both beautiful presentation and quick cleanup.

They're also backed by a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer. So, start baking!

The nonstick aluminum pans come with a 10 year warranty from NordicWare.
These high quality nonstick aluminum pans ensure your donut cake looks spectacular!

Cake that looks like a donut tastes better!

It's difficult to resist the allure of a perfectly frosted donut. Now, scale it up to the size of a cake and make it out of cake. Now eat it! The explosion of taste is hard to describe. You'll simply need to experience it yourself (hint, hint). Now, buy, buy, buy!

Man attempting to eat a giant donut cake as if it were a delicious donut.
It's understandable (and frankly, not frowned upon) that you'd want to hog the Giant Donut Cake all to yourself.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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