Giant Gumball Stress Ball: A supersized stress ball that smells like bubble gum.
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Giant Gumball Stress Ball

A supersized stress ball that smells like sweet bubble gum.

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Whether you've been chewing on a tough problem all day or your daily stress has been gnawing at you, eliminate your stress bubble with the Giant Gumball.

This supersized stress reducer delivers the same repetitive stretching and squishing sensation (not to mention the exact same sweet smell) as bubble gum, only you work it out with your hands instead of your jaw.

The Giant Gumball Stress Ball, tipping the scales at nearly one pound, weighs as much as a wad of gum made from 77 pieces of Double Bubble. And unlike the flavor of the real thing, the sweet scent of this stress ball never fades, no matter how long you use it!

Features & specs

  • A giant squeezable stress ball with a bubble gum scent
  • Reduces stress
  • Net Wt.: 1 lb (455.2 g)
  • Approx. diameter: 4.5" (11.4 cm)
  • Outer material: TPR (may irritate those with a latex allergy)
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Not edible
It's like chewing gum for your hands.
It's like chewing gum for your hands.
And now bubble gum smells like stress relief!
And now bubble gum smells like stress relief!

Gumball goodness. #stressball #stressrelief #giantstressball #gumball #desktoy #vat19

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Scented stress reliever

The Giant Gumball Stress Ball doesn't just look like a wad of bubble gum; it smells like one too!

Get your hands chewin' and relieve your stress with some serious squeezin' and a sweet fruity scent. This massive stress reliever weighs a full pound with a diameter bigger than a softball, so it's ready to take all of the pent up frustration you can put into it.

Whether you've got stressful problems or just fidgety hands, the Giant Gumball is a pleasantly-scented stress-buster that's up for whatever punishment you put into it.

Instead of blowing your lid, play with this bubblegum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does it taste like?

Answer: Probably rubber, but we wouldn't know since it's not for chewing on!

Question: Does the scent fade when you play with it?

Answer: Nope! The bubblegum scent lasts and lasts.

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