Crunchy Snow Stress Ball: Feels and sounds like crunching through fresh snow.
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Crunchy Snow Stress Ball

Stress ball that feels and sounds like crunching through fresh snow.

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If you're lucky enough to live in the right climate, there's no more satisfying way to stomp out stress than to take a romp in fresh-fallen snow, relishing in each crunchy step. If you're not lucky enough to have on-demand powdery snowfall that sticks, then the Crunchy Snow Stress Ball is for you.

This stress ball works exactly like any other; squeeze it to work your muscles and let the squishy sphere take your aggravated abuse. But as you squeeze your ears will hear and your fingers will feel that you're somehow compressing freshly fallen snow. Now you're unwinding in a winter wonderland, and the stress is melting away. Ooooh!

Features & specs

  • A stress ball that feels and sounds like you're crunching fresh snow
  • Room-temperature
  • Practically indefinitely reusable
  • Recommended for ages 3+
When you squeeze it, it feels and sounds like you're stepping on crunchy snow.
When you squeeze it, it feels and sounds like you're stepping on crunchy snow.

Making sound effects with a stressball. #winter #snow #snowflakes #stressball #stress #soothing #calming #stressrelief #soundeffects #foley

♬ original sound - Vat19

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