Color Morph Gel Ball: A color-changing stress reliever.

Color Morph Gel Stress Ball

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A color-changing stress reliever that reacts to your squeezes.

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If you're seeing red, it's time to reach for the Color Morph Gel Ball. With this uniquely smooth stress ball, you can literally witness your stress being squeezed out.

The silicone outer membrane is one color, but give it a squeeze, and the differently-hued innards come squishing out, seemingly transforming the color of the ball. With the fascinating visual effect and a gel-like squeezing sensation, this will be your go-to grabbable whether you're needing to bust some stress or just want to see and fidget with something awesome.

Note: Because we receive this item in an assortment, we must sell it randomly. You will receive either Blue/Green or Red/Yellow.

Features & specs

  • A stress ball that changes color when you squeeze it
  • Approx. diameter: 3" (7.6 cm)
  • Available styles: Blue/Green and Red/Yellow
  • Your style will be selected at random

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