Giant Lollipop: Traditional style sucker the size of your face.

Old Fashioned Giant Lollipop by Hammond's

Traditional style sucker the size of your face.

This item has been discontinued.

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Giant. Enormous. Colossal. Huge. Classic. Delicious. These are just a few of the words that describe the Old Fashioned Giant Lollipop, a swirl of fruit punch hard candy that’s so big, the typical paper stick has to be replaced with a handle made of solid wood.

Made in the traditional swirl style, this super-sized sucker is a reminder that some things never change, including how tasty a lolly can be—even after a few thousand licks.

This enormous treat is handmade by Hammond's Candies, a Colorado-based confectioner that has been using the same recipes and processes since the 1920s.

Features & specs

  • Enormous hard candy lollipop
  • Wooden support rod
  • Flavor: fruit punch
  • Net wt. 10 oz (283g)
  • Approximate diameter: 5.5" (14 cm)
  • 960 Calories per sucker
  • Made in USA

Supersized sucker

There’s big suckers, there’s big suckers, and then there’s the Old Fashioned Giant Lollipop. Almost half a foot in diameter, it dwarfs adult humans and makes children look gigantic.

GIANT, Not Giant
Lick to your heart’s content.

Makes mouths look mini

Whether you’ve got a big mouth or not, the Old Fashioned Giant Lollipop will make it look small. With a seventeen inch circumference, it’s unlikely to fit through anyone’s lips, even when the sight of this sucker makes you smile.

Bursts with flavor!
A big sucker full of flavor.

Created by candy kings

Hammond's have been crafting confections for nearly 100 years. The Old Fashioned Giant Lollipop draws on that century of tradition, with a flattened coil of twisted fruit punch hard candy, for a treat-on-a-stick that’s big in size and big in flavor.

10 oz of striped joy hand made by Hammond
Just like when great grandpa was a kid, only bigger.

Give a big ol’ smile

The Old Fashioned Giant Lollipop comes in a box that makes it easy to wrap and easy to give. And when your loved one receives a pop this big, you’re sure to brighten their day.

The Giant Lollipop can make adults feel like a kid again, and it can also make a kid feel like they’ve got a sucker as big as their head—which just might be true!

Bring joy to any occasion!
The gift of a Giant Lollipop is a sweet gesture.

Question: Is it halal/kosher/vegan?

Answer: The Giant Lollipop is not specifically labeled as being halal or kosher, but it doesn’t contain any alcohol or animal products.

Question: Is it even possible to finish this giant thing?

Answer: We dare you to try!

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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