Planet Lollipops: Solar system themed spherical suckers.

Planet Lollipops

Solar system themed spherical suckers.

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If you want undeniable proof that Earth is round (and delicious), look no further than Planet Lollipops.

The set of ten suckers includes all nine planets, even little Pluto, plus the sun rendered in beautiful photo-realistic detail. Each equally-sized lollipop features an edible flat image of a celestial body sandwiched between an inky black back and a transparent lens in front. As you rotate your cosmic candy, the clear front gives you a stellar viewing port that makes the outer space object appear 3D.

Features & specs

  • Spherical hard candies on a paper stick
  • 2D photorealistic images embedded in a 3D globe
  • 10 solar system suckers: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
  • Individually wrapped
  • Weight per sucker: 26 g (all suckers are the same size and weight)
  • Hand-made
  • Made in USA
  • Flavors: Sun - marshmallow, Mercury - tropical punch, Venus - cherry, Earth - cotton candy, Mars - pear, Jupiter - Key Lime, Saturn - guava, Uranus - blackberry, Neptune - mango, Pluto - strawberry/kiwi
  • Packaged in an attractive gift tin
Each set of Planet Lollipops is packaged in an attractive gift tin.
Each set of Planet Lollipops is packaged in an attractive gift tin.

Celestial candy

The desire to eat earth is an unusual condition called pica. The desire to eat planet Earth is a perfectly natural response to getting your hands on Planet Lollipops. Planet Lollipops contain hard candies on a stick, representing ten astronomical objects, each delicious.

Edible Earth.

Candy is all stardust

Planet Lollipops are made mostly of sugar which, like everything else, was formed in the crucible of a star. And each Planet Lollipop box contains a set of ten different individually wrapped celestial bodies.

The hard candies are hand-made in the USA, and each features a highly detailed edible image embedded in the center. It’s like eating your way through pictures from the Hubble.

Individually wrapped lollipops made in the USA
They were formed for your enjoyment.

A planetarium in your mouth

Each Planet Lollipop contains a photo-realistic image embedded in the center. With a transparent hemisphere in front, the effect is the likeness of a planet in 3D. They’re so beautiful, it’s almost a shame to eat them. Almost.

Realistic, edible images
Reenact your favorite disaster movie in all its delicious glory.

The finest flavors in the galaxy

Not only does each pop in the set look unique, but every single sucker has a different delicious flavor.

Starting at the system’s center, the Sun’s marshmallow flavor will wow you. Moving outward, tropical punch Mercury, cherry Venus, cotton candy Earth, and mouthwatering Mars’s pear flavor round out the rocky planets. The gas giant's key lime Jupiter and guava Saturn satisfy the biggest sweet tooths. Blackberry Uranus, mango Neptune, and strawberry/kiwi Pluto round out the scrumptious set.

Of course, the Sun and Pluto aren’t strictly planets, but would you really prefer to have less candy?

Flavors: Sun - Marshmallow, Mercury - tropical punch, Venus - cherry, Earth - cotton candy, Mars - pear, Jupiter - Key Lime, Saturn - guava, Uranus - blackberry, Neptune - Mango, Pluto - Strawberry/Kiwi
Give the Sun and Pluto a chance, and you won’t ever want to exclude them again.

Question: Are they halal/kosher/vegan?

Answer: Planet Lollipops are not certified halal or kosher. The ingredients (sugar, isomalt, and corn syrup solids) are not animal products.

Question: Is the image edible?

Answer: Except for the stick, every part of the sucker is edible.

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