Impossibles Puzzles: A super hard-to-solve Monopoly-themed jigsaw puzzle.
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Impossibles Jigsaw Puzzles

A super hard-to-solve Monopoly-themed jigsaw puzzle.

Impossibles Puzzles
Don't bother trying to find an edge piece…
  • Impossibles Puzzles
  • Don't bother trying to find an edge piece…
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Assembling the edge pieces first is a common strategy for puzzling, but what happens when there are no straight edges? That's what it's like to play Impossible Puzzles, an edgeless jigsaw puzzle that will bend your brain and deceive your eyes into thinking the end is in sight when the fun has only just begun.

This 750-piece Monopoly-themed puzzle is a borderless bonanza of repeating patterns and themes found in the popular board game. Add in the five extra pieces dropped in as decoys, and even the most seasoned puzzler will second-guess their sanity from Boardwalk to Park Place.

Features & specs

  • A Monopoly-themed edgeless puzzle with a tiling image
  • Includes 5 pieces that don’t belong in the puzzle!
  • 750 piece puzzle
  • Approx. puzzle dimensions: 26.6" x 19" x 8" (67.56 cm x 48.26 cm x 20.32 cm)
  • Net wt.: 10.2 oz (289.17 g)
  • Ages 12+
  • Officially licensed!

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