Law & Order Mini Gavel Set: A desk decoration with a “Dun-Dun!” sound effect.
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Law & Order Mini Gavel Set

A desk decoration with a “Dun-Dun!” sound effect.

Law & Order Mini Gavel Set
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Law & Order Mini Gavel Set Demo
  • Law & Order Mini Gavel Set
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Bring the hammer down on your love for classic criminal drama with the Law & Order Mini Gavel Set!

This pint-sized gavel and block is the perfect way to flex your judicial authority around the workplace. Rap the gavel to let loose the iconic “Dun-Dun!” sound effect, perfect for amplifying the day-to-day drama of an office environment or ruling that the Sam Waterson era reigns supreme.

The set also includes a high-quality, stylized mini-book that features pictures of the cast and a brief history of the show.

Whether you find your fingers flicking the mallet for its signature sound or you display the decorative duo for its distinguished flair, this officially licensed set is a must-have addition to any fan’s desk.

Features & specs

  • An officially licensed miniature collectible with sound effect
  • Makes a “Dun-Dun!” sound when struck
  • Includes: one gavel, block, and mini-book
  • Gavel dimensions: 3.5” x 1.5” x 1” (8.89cm x 3.81cm x 2.54cm)
  • Requires 3 x 1.5-volt button cell batteries (included)
  • Ages 14+

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