Princess Card Trick: Learn to perform the classic "mindreading" card trick.
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The Princess Card Trick

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Learn to perform the classic "mindreading" card trick.

The Princess Card Trick
The Princess Card Trick image
Demonstration of The Princess Card Trick
Katie demonstrates the Princess Card Trick.
  • The Princess Card Trick
  • Video: Demonstration of The Princess Card Trick
  • Video: Katie demonstrates the Princess Card Trick.
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Get a crash course in one of the easiest and most mystifying "mind reading" card tricks of all time with the Princess Card Trick. This simple magic trick will leave your friends and family in awe of your abilities and perhaps wondering if you're some kind of wizard.

The secret to this sleight-of-hand is easier than you think! Fan a packet of playing cards before your spectators’ eyes and ask them to picture one of the cards in their head. The magician (you) now shuffles the cards, removing the card "chosen" by the spectator. Next, the magician turns the deck to show that the card that was chosen is now removed, delighting and amazing the audience!

This magical pack includes a set of "gimmick" cards, and a link to a secret video tutorial printed on the package.

Get ready to be the most interesting person at the next social gathering!

Features & specs

  • A card magic trick pack with instructions
  • Includes: a set of gimmick cards, and a link to a video tutorial
  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Ages 10+

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