Melt Protection: Ice Packs and Foil Wrap for your Delicious Candy
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Melt Protection for Your Awesome Candy

Protect your delicious candy from heat and sun.

Melt Protection
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The hot sun and delicious candy do not mix. With our Melt Protection Guarantee, you can help prevent your delectable treats from succumbing to the Sun's heat.

Each 8-ounce Ice Pack can protect several pounds worth of candy for up to 48 hours. We also supplement the Ice Pack with CoolShield Insulating Foil to extend the life of the Ice Pack.

When you purchase the Melt Protection Guarantee, we will refund their cost in the event of melt.*

*Melt Protection Guarantee not available on orders shipped outside the US. Please scroll down for more details.

Features & specs

  • Moisture safe refrigerant pack (won't sweat on contents)
  • Ice packs are non-toxic, biodegradable, FDA approved
  • CoolShield thermal foil (FDA compliant for incidental food contact)
  • Provides cooling for up to 48 hours

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Delicious Candy + Hot Sun = Possible Melt

Items such as gummy will melt when exposed to temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods of time.

That being said, our experience has shown that most packages arrive without any visible sign of melt. However, in an effort to provide our customers with the best possible experience, we now offer our Melt Protection Guarantee.

Melt Protection Guarantee

If you purchase Melt Protection, we will add ice packs and thermal foil to your package. The amount we add is directly correlated to the weight of meltable items in your order. For example, A 26-Pound Gummy Bear requires substantially more protection than our Big Gummy Bears and will be priced accordingly.

Should you choose to purchase Melt Protection, you are 100% guaranteed against your candy items arriving melted*. We will refund the cost of any affected items. All we ask is that you take a photograph of the damage.

*Guarantee is not available to orders shipped outside the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I don't want to pay extra for Melt Protection?

Answer: That's perfectly fine! The odds are in your favor, actually. Less than 10% of packages shipped during the summer will succumb to melt. However, this is looking at the United States as a whole. If you live in an especially hot area, you should seriously consider the Melt Protection.

If you decline the Melt Protection and your product arrives melted, you will have no recourse whatsoever for a refund.

Question: So... what happens if my stuff arrives melted?

Answer: If you purchased Melt Protection, we will refund the cost of the melted items. If you did not purchase Melt Protection, we will be unable to assist you.

Question: What can I do to give myself a better chance of beating the melt?

Answer: If you do not wish to purchase the Melt Protection, here are some tips on reducing the risk of your package arriving melted:

1. Check the temperatures of where you're sending the candy. If it's below 85 degrees Fahrenheit, you're probably OK without Melt Protection (although we can't guarantee how or where the carrier will store the package).

2. Ship the package to a location where someone is available to receive it throughout the day. A box left on a hot porch or inside a metal mailbox is a recipe for melt disaster. A business is your best bet as they tend to receive their deliveries earlier in the day when it's cooler.

3. Use an expedited method such as 2-Day or Next Day Air delivery. The faster it gets to you, the less chance it has to melt.

4. Place your order over the weekend or on a Monday. This prevents the package from sitting in a hot UPS warehouse over the weekend.

Question: How do you calculate the cost of the Melt Protection?

Answer: Each "unit" of Melt Protection includes an ice pack as well as a few feet of insulating foil. This is sufficient for approximately 5 pounds of meltable candy. To ensure you receive adequate thermal protection, we automatically assign the correct quantity of Melt Protection based upon the contents of your cart.

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