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Mitten Flask

Wearable mittens with sneaky flask inside.

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The weather outside is frightful, but the firewater is so delightful—and easy to hide!

Each pair of Mitten Flask mittens has a flexible plastic container concealed inside the left hand with a removable cap to prevent spills. The mittens’ fleece lining keeps your hands toasty, and sipping from the spout hidden in the left thumb will give you an extra shot of warmth.

Keep your Mitten Flask handy for cold weather tailgates or slip it on to sneak in some merriment on your next winter romp.

Features & specs

  • Pair of mittens with a hidden drink container in the left hand
  • Includes plastic funnel
  • Capacity: 4 fl. oz (118.29 ml)
  • Mitten material: acrylic fabric with fleece lining
  • Flask material: BPA-free flexible plastic
  • Mitten dimensions: 12.25” x 3.75” (31.12 cm x 9.53 cm)
  • Mittens are machine washable; flask is hand wash only

Give winter a shot

A nip of the hard stuff has long been a way to ward off the cold. Now it’s easier than ever to discreetly bring your booze with you out into the elements.

When you slip on a pair of Mitten Flask mittens, your left hand rests between the mitten and a reservoir of booze hidden inside a durable plastic bag. Your hand stays warm encased in the soft lining, and the threaded cap on the flask keeps your liquor safely inside.

Jack Frost, meet Jack Daniels.

Get sloshed in the slush

Mitten Flask is an easy-to-use clandestine cold-weather carrier. The spout is located outside the inner lining of the mitten so your thumb stays warm while you take hits from the four-ounce flask.

If you need more spirits to get you through the winter wonderland, use the included funnel to restock your supplies. The plastic funnel is small enough to carry in your pocket for mid-day refills.

4 oz capacity mitten flask
Try your hand at sneaking booze.

Wasted in a winter wonderland

Mitten Flask mittens are available in green and black.

The flask compartment is kept inside the left mitten with a velcro closure. Remove the flask to wash the container between winter romps, and throw the mittens into the washing machine to keep them as clean as freshly fallen snow.

Machine washable mittens
Take intermittent inner-mitten shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use these as regular mittens?

Answer: You bet! Even with the flask in there, the fleece lining will keep your hands warm. If you’re not planning on drinking, it’s simple to remove the flask and use the mittens strictly for warmth.

Question: Is it hard to use your hands when the flask is full?

Answer: You’ll be somewhat limited in what you can do, as you won’t be able to grip things as well with your left hand.

Question: How big is the funnel?

Answer: The included funnel is about 1.5” long and 1.25” wide.

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