One Up! The Wicked/Smart Word Game
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One Up! Word Game

The fast-paced game of word building... and stealing!

One Up! Word Game
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Get the better of your friends with One Up, the wicked-smart word game.

Find yourself at odds with your tablemates as lettered tiles are flipped over to reveal a shared pool of letters. The first person to spot a word in the jumble gets to keep it along with the points that it brings... for now. As more letters are revealed and the pressure builds, you can make new words or steal an opponent's word and add on to it in this fast-paced free-for-all.

If you pull R, A, and T from the letter bank and spell ART, it’s yours. Then a frenemy grabs a newly flipped M and poaches your ART to make MART her own. All words are always vulnerable to theft until the game is over.

You’ll need a quick wit and a cool disposition to unscrupulously usurp the lead in this real-time game of logophilic larceny. Snatch letter tiles from the center and swipe your opponents’ words before they ransack yours to claim victory!

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Features & specs

  • Portable party game in a compact metal tin
  • 101 wooden letter tiles
  • 2+ players
  • Recommended age: 12+

If you can't work your way to the top, steal it.

To win at One Up, you need to bring a few skills to the table: seeing anagrams; exercising a large vocabulary; remaining calm under pressure; multi-tasking; and most importantly, screwing over your friends by stealing their words.

One Up is a multiplayer game where everyone is playing at once, so don't hesitate to swindle your fellow players' hard-earned words.

Opponents compete for points in One Up, the game of word theft
Steal their hunter, add a d, and steal their thunder.

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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