The Original Buddha Board

Use just water to paint fleeting designs on this "magical" board.

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Live in the moment with the Original Buddha Board. With just a dab of water, each stroke of the brush appears like black ink on the surface. Similar to watercolor painting, the Buddha Board produces soft, beautiful images. As the water slowly evaporates, your painting fades and a new blank canvas is revealed.

With the mentality of a Zen Buddhist, you're free to create pictures on a whim, without concern for the outcome. The Buddha Board is great for relaxing, clearing your thoughts, and is just plain fun. It's the perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for.

Features & specs

  • Board dimensions: 9.5" x 12" x 0.125"
  • Base dimensions: 6" x 4.5" x 1.75"
  • Bamboo brush (8")
  • Board can rest horizontally or vertically in base
  • Instruction manual (what's this?): Download (PDF)

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Create an infinite number of paintings with the Buddha Board

The Buddha Board fully encapsulates the concept of "living in the moment". Dip the bamboo brush into water and start painting on the board. Your strokes will quickly appear in a rich black color reminiscent of watercolor paintings.

Don't become obsessed with the outcome, but instead enjoy the simple act of putting brush to board. As the water evaporates, your painting will fade away so that you may begin again.

Original Buddha Board Watercolor Painting
With the Original Buddha Board, you can enjoy the carefree act of painting without consequence.

Quick to setup and easy to use

There are three main pieces that make up the Buddha Board: the board, the base, and the brush. Simply fill the base with water, rest the board in the notches of the base (either vertically or horizontally), and start painting.

The Original Buddha Board Diagram
Arrange your Buddha Board for portrait or landscape painting by simply rotating the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I really like the painting? How do I "save" it from being erased?

Answer: You could take a photograph. However, please keep in mind that the purpose of the Buddha Board is to relax, clear your mind, and enjoy the painting process. The end result isn't important. And this is probably a good thing unless you're a budding Picasso.

Question: How many times can it be used?

Answer: The Buddha Board can be reused an infinite number of times. It does not get "worn out" from use.

Question: Do thicker brush strokes "last" longer?

Answer: The intensity and richness of the black color can be controlled by how much water is applied to the board. Wetter strokes will take longer to evaporate than relatively drier strokes.

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