L'il DaVinci Store & Display Art Cabinet
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Li'l DaVinci® Store & Display Art Cabinet

Front-opening picture frame stores up to 50 pieces of art.

8.5x11, Black
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12x18, Black
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8.5x11, White
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12x18, White
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Tastefully showcase your children's masterpieces with the Li'l DaVincir Store & Display Art Cabinet. A discreet hinge allows you to open the front of the frame and easily swap out pictures or artwork. The spring-loaded corners make it possible to hold 1 to 50 pages, so you can archive all of your children's creativity. Each DaVinci Frame is made from wood with a black or white matte finish. The frame can be latched closed to prevent unwanted tampering.

Reduce refrigerator clutter, encourage your child's artistic talent, and transform their art into framed masterpieces. Available in two sizes, both of which can be hung vertically or horizontally (mounting hardware is included). The 8.5" x 11" size can also stand on a table.

Features & specs

  • Opens from the front
  • Reduces refrigerator clutter
  • Stores up to 50 pieces of art
  • Can be hung horizontally or vertically
  • Wall-hanging template included (with hardware)
  • Table stand included (8.5" x 11" size only)
  • Black or white wooden frame with white matte

Store 50 sheets of art in one frame

Sure, sticking your kid's art on the fridge is cute and fun, but think of all the messy hands that end up touching their work. What about the floor that they inevitably end up falling onto due to weak magnets? (Side note: If you need a refrigerator magnet that's strong enough to hold a hammer, check out our Pushpin Magnets.) OK, cross-promos aside, the fridge is somewhat of a dangerous place for your children's artwork. A table or wall is safer and more beautifully shows off their work.

With the Li'l DaVinci® Store & Display Art Cabinet, you can easily display their artwork in a tasteful picture frame. The hinged frame opens to reveal four spring-loaded corners that make it simple to store 1 to 50 pages in each frame.

L'il DaVinci Frame stores and displays artwork.
Simply open the hinged frame to add another piece of art.

Display their work horizontally, vertically, or on a table

The makers of the Li'l DaVinci® Store & Display Art Cabinet were savvy enough to realize that masterpieces come in both landscape and portrait orientation. So, each frame has the necessary hardware to be hung "longways" or "tallways". We suggest buying several dozen so you can make a large wall collage to glorify your child's artistic achievements. However, if you think that's too creepy, we completely understand.

The good news is that the DaVinci Frames also act as storage containers. So, if you'd rather display only one piece at a time, you can still archive all of their other works for years to come. This will be especially handy when they bring home their fiancée and you'd like to show off your little boy's "tanks and planes" phase.

Li'l DaVinci Art Storage Cabinet
Display artwork in a Lil DaVinci frame.
Hang their artwork horizontally or vertically with the included hardware.
Only the 8.5" x 11" frame includes a table stand.

Spring-loaded corners hold 1 to 50 pages

Simply push down on the spring-loaded backing at each corner to add more pieces of art. You could store a whole year's worth of work and have a separate frame for each school year. You could even use a frame to collect all of your child's best test scores.

L'il DaVinci Frame has spring-loaded corners.
Spring-loaded corners hold 1 to 50 pages.

Wall template makes hanging easy

The Li'l DaVinci® Art Cabinet comes with a wall template that makes hanging easy. The template allows you to mark where you need to insert the screws (which are included) so that your frame hangs evenly on the wall. The template has guides for both vertical and horizontal hanging.

Each Lil DaVinci Frame comes with a wall template.
Hanging your DaVinci Frames will be easy (and straight!) with the included wall template.

Available in two sizes, two colors

The smaller Li'l DaVinci® art cabinet holds images that are 8.5" x 11". The larger holds 12" x 18" works. These sizes are the two most often used in art classes. The smaller size is more commonly used in 1st through 4th grade and the larger is used for 5th grade and higher.

Both sizes are available in a black or white wooden frame with a white matte.

Li'l DaVinci art cabinet picture frame sizes and colors.
Li'l DaVinci® Store & Display Art Cabinets are available in two popular sizes and colors.

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Note: The product details shown on Vat19 (including price) may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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