Original Cinema Lightbox: Backlit marquee with interchangeable letters.
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Original Cinema Lightbox

Backlit retro marquee with interchangeable letters.

Original Cinema Lightbox
Original Cinema Lightbox image
Original Cinema Lightbox image
Original Cinema Lightbox image
Original Cinema Lightbox image
100 pc. Expansion Pack Available!
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  • Original Cinema Lightbox
  • 100 pc. Expansion Pack Available!
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Flip on a Cinema Lightbox and advertise your appreciation for the silver screen.

This box office inspired decoration adds a sense of movie magic to any home, whether you place it on your table or mount it on your wall.

One hundred interchangeable letters let you write personalized messages that you can easily swap out whenever you want to premiere a new thought.

Features & specs

  • Lightbox backlit by LED
  • Includes 100 letters, numbers, and characters
  • Additional 100-piece letter and symbol pack available
  • Rest on a table or mount on a wall
  • Powered by 6 x AA batteries (not included) or USB Micro-B (cable included)
  • Dimensions: 12" x 9" x 2.5" (30.5 cm x 23 cm x 6 cm)
  • Ages 3+

Now showing: your style

Whether you’re into old classics or the latest blockbusters, every cinephile shares an appreciation for movie magic. Transform your digs into a movie theater when you add an Original Cinema Lightbox to your decor. The backlit LED frame allows you to continually write new messages to display while consistently showcasing your role as a movie buff.

Turn your living room into a real cinema.

Symbol swap

An old-timey marquee that fits in your living room is already pretty cool. But the fact that you can customize it as many times as you like makes it a blockbuster.

The Cinema Lightbox enables you to post new attractions or re-release old favorite quips in an eye-catching, whimsical sign.

Go watch The Princess Bride if you haven’t seen it... or even if you have.

Sign Message 2: the Sequel

Since you’re not stuck with just one thing on your Cinema Lightbox, feel free to remix your messages. Post coming attractions, highlight your favorite quotes, or just leave a reminder. The script can be rewritten as often as you want.

LED Backlight
Say it proud; then say something else.

Character actor

The Cinema Lightbox includes one hundred swappable transparent tiles with letters, numbers, and common symbols. The set includes the entire alphabet (with duplicates for more popular letters), numerals from 0 to 9, and five common symbols.

100 letters & numbers included

The writing’s on the wall

At 2.5" deep, the Cinema Lightbox works wonderfully as an accent piece on a side table. Just set it in place, plug the included USB cable into your wall adapter (not included), and enjoy the lighted letters. But with integrated hanging brackets, the battery-powered lightweight frame is also wall-mountable, just like a real movie marquee!

Post up your appreciation for WALL-E, The Wolf of Wall Street, or The Great Wall.

Supplemental symbols ☺

Sometimes, there aren’t enough letters. And sometimes, letters just aren’t enough. That’s why emojis are so popular, and also why you can optionally purchase an additional 100 letters, numbers, and symbols!

The add-on pack includes more letters and numbers to supplement the included set as well as 51 unique pictographs that aren’t necessarily found in your emoji keyboard, including Batman’s cowl, a hot cup of coffee, and a baby stroller.

100 pc. Expansion Pack Available!
More is better.

Question: How many duplicates are in the standard pack? How many As, Bs, Cs, etc. are there?

Answer: A x 5, B-C-D x 3, E x 5, F x 4, G x 3, H x 4, I x 5, J-K x 2, L x 4, M-N x 3, O x 5, P x 3, Q x 2, R-S-T x 4, U x 3, V x 2, W x 3, X x 2, Y x 3, Z x 2.
Numerals: 1-9 x 1 (Os can double as 0s).
CHARACTERS: #, ?, @, &, ! x 1.

Question: How do the characters stick to the marquee? Magnets? Adhesive?

Answer: The characters are printed on flat clear sheets. Each row of the marquee has an upper and lower lip, which forms a channel the letter cards can slip into.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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