The Original DropStop Wine Pour Spout (2-pack)

Flexible disc eliminates wine drops on your tablecloths.

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The Original DropStop completely prevents drops of wine from staining your tablecloth. Simply roll the flexible disc into a cylinder, insert into the bottle, and pour as usual - now droplet free!

The DropStop is made from a patented material designed to cut off the flow of liquid as soon as the bottle is lifted. This is the key to preventing droplets from forming and either falling onto your table or trickling down the side of the bottle.

The DropStop Wine Pour Spout is reusable, easy to clean (rinse with tap water), and fits any size wine bottle. Includes two discs per set.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 2.75" diameter
  • Flexible to fit any size wine bottle
  • Certified food safe
  • Reusable (via quick rinse in the sink)
  • Includes 2 discs per set
  • Made in Denmark

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Enjoy wine? Buy this now. You'll thank us later.

Pouring wine without spilling is the easy part. It's when you stop pouring that those little droplets form on the mouth of the bottle and the problems truly begin.

As soon as you begin to set down the bottle, they either plummet onto your expensive tablecloth (potentially ruining it immediately) or slowly creep down the side of the bottle (potentially ruining the tablecloth a few minutes later).

Enter DropStop. Simply insert it into the wine bottle and pour as normal. This ingenious material prevents droplets from forming inside of it. Bam! No more red wine stains on your tablecloth.

With the Drop Stop Pour Spout, you will never again spill a drop of wine on a fine tablecloth.
The DropStop Pour Spout prevents drops of wine from falling onto your tablecloth.

Remarkably easy to use

It takes about 4 seconds to "install" the DropStop. Simply roll the flexible disc into a cylindrical shape and insert it about half way into the neck of the wine bottle. That's it! You're done.

Due to its flexibility, the DropStop fits any size wine bottle.

Simply roll the Drop Stop disc into a cylinder and insert half way into your wine bottle.
Using the DropStop Wine Pour Spout is incredibly easy.

100% food safe and reusable

You can reuse the DropStop as many times as you'd like. The patented material cleans off easily in the sink, with a wet paper towel, or perhaps with an Ultimate Cloth (wink, wink).

The inventor (a mightily clever chap from Denmark) developed a material with enough flexibility to be easily rolled, but stiff enough to hold firmly inside a wine bottle. Most importantly, it instantly cuts off the flow of liquid to prevent the formation of drops.

The Drop Stop Wine Spout is reusable.
Reuse the DropStop with each freshly opened bottle of wine. Just run it under some tap water to clean.

Includes two pour spouts per set

Each set of DropStop Wine Pour Spouts includes two reusable and 100% food safe discs. Now buy! Your tablecloths are super psyched!

Each set of Drop Stop Pour Spouts includes two reusable and food safe discs.
Each pack of DropStop includes two magical wine pour spouts.

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