SCRABBLE® Coasters: 54 bar style coasters in an attractive gift tin.
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SCRABBLE® Coasters in a Tin

54 recycled pulp-board coasters styled after the iconic board game.

SCRABBLE Coasters in a Tin
SCRABBLE Coasters in a Tin image
SCRABBLE Coasters in a Tin image
SCRABBLE Coasters in a Tin image
SCRABBLE Coasters in a Tin image
SCRABBLE Coasters in a Tin image
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This item has been discontinued.


Celebrate the fact that 30,000 games of SCRABBLEr are started every hour by cracking open a fresh brew and setting it down upon a gigantic SCRABBLEr tile coaster.

Each set of SCRABBLEr Coasters includes 54 double-sided bar-style coasters made from recycled paper pulp.

The gift-ready set features an attractive tin storage case and includes two full alphabet sets and two blanks.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per coaster): 3.625" x 3.625" x .05"
  • Made from recycled pulp board
  • Includes 54 coasters per set
  • Packaged in an attractive tin storage case
  • Officially licensed

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Sweaty glasses and bottles love word games, too!

Hasbro states that if all the SCRABBLE® tiles ever produced were laid end-to-end that they would circle the globe eight times. While that's awesome, it doesn't do much for the water rings on my table!

Thankfully, SCRABBLE® Coasters come to the rescue! This set of 54 "tiles" is perfect for the wordsmith in your life.

Coasters styled after Scrabble tiles.
Honor your love of SCRABBLE® with these officially licensed coasters.

Officially licensed = 100% accurate

Each SCRABBLE® coaster's front portrays a letter tile or blank tile and the back depicts a special space on the board. This includes the double letter, double word, triple letter, and triple word scores as well as the start space star.

Each Scrabble Coaster is double-sided.
Each SCRABBLE® Coaster features a letter tile on the front and a board space on the reverse.

Each set includes 54 paper-board coasters

You definitely get your money's worth with the SCRABBLE® Coasters set. This officially licensed assortment includes 54 double-sided coasters.

Each set includes 54 bar-style coasters.
Each set of SCRABBLE® Coasters includes 54 "bar style" mats made from recycled pulp board.

Packaged in their own storage tin

SCRABBLE® Coasters come packaged in a handsome tin case that also serves as their storage box.

Scrabble Coasters are packaged in an atractive tin box.
SCRABBLE® Coasters come packaged in a gift tin that doubles as their storage container.

What next? Add to Cart, baby!

SCRABBLE® is awesome because words, spelling, and proper grammar are awesome. Without them, we couldn't effectively communicate.

Here's a perfect example of this maxim in action:

"Dear Mr. Salvatori, I would cherish the opportunity to interview for your current job opening. I am the perfect candidate. Sincerely, John Q. Applicant"


"Herd U Hirin. Hit me bak if u want me 2 interview. This is john q."

The lesson here is that buying SCRABBLE® Coasters greatly increases your chance of getting a job. So, I think you know what to do.

Buy Scrabble Tile Coasters
SCRABBLE® Coasters. Buy them now for the triple word score!

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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