Sunny D Gummies: Liquid-filled candies flavored like the orange-flavored drink.

Sunny D Gummies

Liquid-filled candies flavored like the beloved orange-flavored drink.

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Only '90s kids will remember how amazing it was to have a certain orange drink with your lunch, but everyone will enjoy the delicious taste of Sunny D Gummies.

These soft, chewy candies have a tasty fruitiness with an extra burst of flavor in the middle. Shaped like tiny jugs of Sunny D, the center of each gummy is filled with a syrupy, sweet liquid that your taste buds are sure to prefer over purple stuff.

Each bag contains two flavors of gummy: delicious strawberry and the smooth, tangy orange that made Sunny D such a delight.

Features & specs

  • Gummies flavored like Sunny D drinks
  • Contains a liquid center
  • Two flavors in each pack: orange and strawberry
  • Gummies are styled like jugs of Sunny D
  • Approximately 25 gummies per package
  • Net wt.: 3.6 oz (102 g)
  • Made in the USA

I love the ‘90s

For those who haven’t experienced its wonder, Sunny D is a delicious drink that looks like juice without being bogged down by all those pesky vitamins and nutrients. These gummies recreate that tangy taste and the look to match; each candy is shaped like a tiny jug down to the “Sunny D” writing on the front.

Throw back a handful and you’ll be transported back to a time when looking at this website would have tied up your phone line.

Delicious Sunny D in gummy form!

Liquid center

Sunny D Gummies turn a delicious liquid into a tasty, chewy candy… and then add delicious liquid in the middle for good measure. Each gummy has a thick, oozing center of fruit flavor that surprises your taste buds with a shot of sweetness.

With both orange and strawberry flavors in each bag, there’s nothing stopping you from chugging these gummies!

Sunny D Gummies with a liquid center.
Contains strawberry and orange flavored gummies with a liquid center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the center filled with Sunny D?

Answer: Not exactly. Sunny D Gummies have a liquid center that tastes like Sunny D but is much thicker. Combined with the gummy part of the candy, you really get a candy Sunny D experience.

Question: So it’s like orange juice then?

Answer: Sunny D can best be described as a sugary, orange-juice-inspired drink.

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