Survival Slide Belt: A ratchet belt with a knife, flashlight, and more!
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Survival Slide Belt

A ratchet belt with a knife, flashlight, and more!

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On your next outdoor adventure, carry your emergency preparation kit on your waist (and, no, we’re not talking about an ironically hip fanny pack). Just like a super hero's utility kit, the Survival Slide Belt is a clothing accessory that doubles as a survival tool.

Tucked inside the belt’s zinc-alloy buckle are a titanium-coated blade, LED flashlight, fire starter rod, and bottle opener. The blade remains safely sheathed until you lift the buckle’s lever to unfold it, where it locks into place for ease of use. The flashlight is accessible even while wearing the belt, and its end doubles as a ferrocerium fire starting rod for emergency situations.

The belt’s track-style strap slides through the buckle for an easily adjustable fit. And since the strap has continuous notches throughout its 48 inches, you can find the exact length that suits your body. It’s a belt that may save your life (and your outfit)!

Features & specs

  • A multi-tool belt buckle with a ratchet strap
  • Buckle contains a folding titanium-coated blade, an LED flashlight, a ferrocerium fire starter rod, and a bottle opener
  • The blade has a locking mechanism for safety
  • Track-style belt features continuous grooves for exact adjustments
  • Fits up to a 48" waist (121.92 cm)
  • The strap is waterproof, UV protected, abrasion resistant, and heat resistant
  • Strap width: 1.5" (3.81 cm)
  • Made in the USA

Versatile fashion

When enjoying the wilderness, the less you have to pack the better. And as long as you weren’t planning on hiking in just your underwear, you can lighten your pack with the Survival Slide Belt. The durable belt has a removable, multi-tool belt buckle that’s always ready at a moment’s notice. Plus the sleek black design means you don’t have to sacrifice your look to stay prepared.

That’s one heck of a belt!

Tool belt

The Survival Slide Belt keeps you ready for emergencies big and small. Inside the zinc-coated buckle are four tools that you’ll use in a wide variety of situations. These accessories fit compactly into the belt thanks to a clever design that doubles the utility of each tool; the titanium-coated foldable blade also has a bottle opener and the small flashlight has a ferrocerium fire starter rod on its non-LED end.

You’ll have the essentials with you without feeling like you’re carrying a bunch of tools.

Belt buckle with four tools
The belt includes a steel knife blade, firestarter, LED flashlight, and bottle opener.

Made tough

The American-made strap on the Survival Slide Belt is as tough as a bearded woodsman. Made with an internal webbing core and a TPU alloy protective finish, the strap is durable enough for your next excursion.

Survival Belt durable strap
This ultra-strong belt fits up to 48” waist.

Simply slide

If you’ve ever had a belt where you had to make your own hole to get it to fit correctly, you’ll appreciate the ratchet style of the Survival Slide Belt.

Instead of holes, the belt uses a long series of small notches. Slide the grooved strap through the buckle and pull for an easily adjustable fit. Since there’s no gap between the notches, you can find the exact fit you want (especially if you need to give yourself an extra couple centimeters after dinner).

The notched design allows for exact adjustments.

Ready for any season

If you want a belt that can help you in an emergency situation, you want to make sure the belt can stand up to the elements as well. The Survival Slide Belt is waterproof, UV protected, abrasion resistant, and heat resistant up to 214 degrees before softening. No matter the conditions, this belt is up for the challenge.

Weatherproof Survival Belt in forest
Features weatherproof materials and a zinc alloy buckle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My waist size is smaller than 48”. Am I going to have a lot of extra strap hanging off?

Answer: The first thing you do when you open your Survival Belt is cut it to the correct size using scissors. The backside of the belt is marked with waist markings so you can have a belt that’s just right for you.

Question: How does the slide belt work?

Answer: The Survival Slide Belt strap has grooves rather than holes. The strap feeds through the buckle and locks into place with a click. When you want to remove or loosen the belt, you simply lift up on the buckle to release the strap.

Question: Is it safe to wear a knife around my waist?

Answer: Yes! The Survival Slide Belt’s knife has a safety lock so it can not be extended unless you are purposefully trying to use it.

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