Swurfer: Surfboard-inspired tree swing.

Swurfer Surfboard Swing

Surfboard-inspired tree swing.

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Hang out in a tree and swing through the air on a handcrafted Swurfer, a swing inspired by board sports.

With wooden handles and a curved maple board, it’s a joy to stand or sit on as you swing back and forth, carve ovals in the air, or try more advanced maneuvers!

The board's UV and water-resistant finish will last for years and the included high-strength ropes will get you swurfin' in no time! Swurf’s up!

Features & specs

  • Includes maple base, two 30’ (12.19 m) high-strength ropes, and two handles
  • Maximum installation length: 20’ (6.09 m)
  • Adjustable handles
  • Board material: maple
  • UV and water resistant finish
  • Max. weight limit: 200 lb (90 kg)
  • Recommended ages: 6+

Notes on this video

  • Swurfer now comes with a total of 60 feet of rope (two 30' lengths). Also, the Swurfer is no longer made in America.

Swing like you surf

The Swurfer combines the simple joy of a tree swing with the physical challenge of a stand-up board. The result is an original recreation that’s both familiar and new. Relax under a tree with a lazy back-and-forth or throw your weight into it and feel the rush of an oval orbit. However you use the Swurfer, there’s just one word for it: fun.

Ride the wind.

Hang two or hang ten

One of the great things about Swurfer is that you can ride it however you like.

If you want to swing in a seated position like a traditional swing set, let your legs dangle and enjoy the gentle back-and-forth ride. When you’re ready to kick things up a notch, pop up to your feet, grab the adjustable handles, and carve the air.

From mild...to wild!
Swurfer accommodates riders of every mood.

Distinctive diversion

The Swurfer is made with quality, through and through. The handmade maple board has a unique curved surface complemented by a pair of durable hardwood handles, which are adjustable to fit backyard beach bums of various heights.

Handmade with adjustable durable hardwood handles
Good materials make for good times.

Fun in a box

Each Swurfer includes a rock maple Swurfboard and two hardwood handles, all of which are finished with a weather-resistant coating made for years of use.

Hang the board from your favorite tree using the included pair of nylon ropes, which are long enough to accommodate limbs over twenty feet up.

The rock maple Swurfer board is made in the USA with a weather-resistant finish and a rope for up to 20’ mounting.
Get a Swurfer and get swingin’.

Question: Once you set up the Swurfer, do you keep it up long-term, or do you take it down between uses?

Answer: Swurfer is made with durable, weather-resistant materials, and is designed to be permanently installed in a tree.

Question: How do you use it?

Answer: Just like any other swing, you shift your weight to make the Swurfer oscillate like a pendulum. You can sit or stand, and you can swing back and forth or around in circles.

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