Tenzi: The fast-paced and frenzied dice-rolling game.
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Tenzi Dice-Rolling Game

The fast-paced and frenzied dice-rolling game.

Tenzi Dice-Rolling Game
Tenzi Dice-Rolling Game image
Tenzi Dice-Rolling Game image
Tenzi Dice-Rolling Game image
Tenzi Dice-Rolling Game image
Tenzi Dice-Rolling Game image
Tenzi Dice-Rolling Game image
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Tenzi is the fast-paced and frenzied dice-rolling game for 2-4 players. The concept is simple, the game-play is lightning fast, and the fun is immediate.

Here's how to play: be the first player to roll all ten of your dice to the same number.

Because speed is essential to winning, Tenzi creates frantic bursts of sloppy and sometimes erratic dice rolling and oftentimes induces frustrated screaming and indiscriminate insults. It's almost too much fun!

Each set includes 40 dice (ten each of four different colors). Includes instructions for eight additional game variations. Ages 7+.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 10.5" x 1.5" x 1.5"
  • Includes 40 dice (10 each of 4 different colors)
  • Simple game, but immense fun
  • Ages 7+

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Ridiculously fun and fast frenzy!

Tenzi gets its name as a portmanteau of the words "Ten" and "Frenzy". It's a perfectly apt name as your goal is to be the first player to roll ten dice of the same number.

While there are a few more rules (which will be explained later), the general look of every game is pretty similar: players feverishly roll their dice as quickly as humanly possible while simultaneously hunting for and separating any matches. Because each round is so fast, the gameplay is intense and supremely fun. Tenzi is awesome and we swear you'll love it!

Tenzi is the fast-packed and frenzied dice game.
Tenzi is the ridiculously fast and ridiculously fun dice-rolling game.

Be the first to roll ten of the same number

Each game of Tenzi begins by all players rolling their ten dice simultaneously.

Each player then decides upon a "match number". Let's say that you initially roll three 4's, so you select it as your match number. Your goal is to then get your remaining seven dice to display fours. Meanwhile, your opponents have all chosen their match numbers and are continuing to roll.

Remember that Tenzi is all about speed and you do not take turns. The only time you roll as a group is at the beginning of the game.

After each roll, you set aside any additional matches until all ten dice are the same number. At this time, you must yell out "Tenzi". The first player to scream "Tenzi" (it's scientifically impossible for a round to not end in excessive screaming) and have their matches verified, wins the game.

To win, be the first to roll ten dice of the same number.

Easy to learn = great for parties

We love board games. But sometimes you don't feel like explaining a complex set of rules to a group of adults who suffer from extreme attention deficit disorder. This is where Tenzi scores huge. It's simple to explain, quick to learn, and always results in extreme and shameless fun.

At Vat19, even our most mild-mannered employees found themselves taunting each other mid-game (see photo evidence below) or storming off in a "I'm a huge baby when I lose"-fueled rage (no photo as it is the boss' prerogative to destroy such self-incriminating evidence). Basically, everyone but spoilsports will love Tenzi!

Tenzi is a fantastic party game because it's quick to learn, fast-paced, and intense fun.

Check out the other great ways to play!

The instructions included with every set contain suggestions for up to eight additional ways to play Tenzi. We've listed three of the most popular variations below.

Instead of setting your matched dice aside, you must carefully stack all ten on top of each other. Good luck!

In Splitzi, you must be the first to roll five of one number and five of a second number.

Grab another Tenzi set and go big! Be the first to roll the same number on all 20 of your dice.

Add additional sets for bigger parties!

Because each set of Tenzi includes a random selection of colored dice, you can combine multiple sets when you wish to play with more than four people.

All packages of Tenzi feature four random dice colors.
Merge multiple sets in order to play with more than four people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's the chance that you could roll the same number on all ten dice at the same time?

Answer: According to the people at Tenzi, the odds are approximately 10 million to 1. Dang.

Question: Do all players try to roll the same number?

Answer: In the standard variation of Tenzi, all players choose their own match number. However, there is a variation of Tenzi called "Target Tenzi" in which a shared target number is selected prior to the start of the round.

Question: Is it really as fun as you claim?

Answer: Absolutely. We realize that Tenzi may come across as an incredibly simplistic game. Granted, it is pretty straightforward, but that doesn't mean it isn't insanely fun. Plus, the included variations (our favorite is Tower Tenzi) add new dimensions of maximal jollification. Now, buy, buy, buy!

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*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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