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The Entirely Ridiculous Half Gallon Flask

The not-so-secret 64 fl oz drinking vessel.

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Conceal an entire party's worth of liquor in a single drinking vessel with The Half Gallon Flask! This novelty flask is an enormous take on its classic stainless steel cousin.

With room for 64 fl oz of fire water—or any other beverage—this giant flask will either help you make some new friends or help you forget that you don’t have any.

Its durable all-stainless steel design will also keep you drinking for a very long time. Sorry, liver.

Features & specs

  • Holds 64 fl oz (1.9L)
  • 11" x 6.75" x 1.75"
  • Stainless steel
  • *Smaller flask shown in photo not included

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Larger-than-life of the party

Most flasks are made to sneak into a location where alcohol isn't allowed. The Half Gallon Flask doesn't sneak — this flask makes an entrance!

Roll up to a party with this 64-ouncer and people are going to take notice. Then they'll ask you for a bit of the good stuff. It's like your teacher always told you: don't bring a treat if there isn't enough to share.

If you also need a more practical way to ingest your stowed-away beverage, make sure to check out the Shot Flask.

Man pouring multiple drinks with his 64-ounce Flask.
Enough for you, your friends, and your friends' friends.

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