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The Perfect Drink by Brookstone

Easily create perfectly-mixed cocktails at home.

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Enjoy the expertise of a world-class bartender at home with The Perfect Drink.

The set includes a smart-scale paired with an instructive app for your mobile device that helps you create perfectly proportioned cocktails.

Simply place your glass (or the included stainless steel cocktail shaker) on the scale and start pouring. The ingenious app knows the density of every ingredient so that it can tell you exactly when to stop pouring.

Use the "serving size" feature to fill large party pitchers and the "cabinet" feature to only display cocktails that can be made with the liquors you have readily available.

The free app, compatible with most any iOS or Android device, is updated monthly with new recipes and features. Includes a 750mL stainless steel cocktail shaker, smart scale, and phone/tablet stand.

Features & specs

  • Scale is accurate to 1 gram
  • Includes a stainless steel cocktail shaker (750 mL)
  • Includes phone/tablet stand
  • Free app works on iOS (5+) and Android (4.1+)
  • Scale max capacity: 8.8 lbs (4 kg)
  • Scale dimensions: 9" diameter x 1.5" height
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Watch our The Perfect Drink video

Notes on this video

  • The color of the included scale (but not its functionality) has changed since this video was made.
  • Please also note that pouring spouts are no longer included in the Perfect Drink package.

Mix delicious drinks using your mobile device

The Perfect Drink combines an instructive app (a free download) with an intelligent scale to help you pour the perfect mixed drink. 

Simply connect the cable from the scale to your mobile device's headphone jack, launch the app, and commence bartending like a pro!

Accurately pour mixed drinks with the Perfect Drink by Brookstone.
The Perfect Drink pairs an instructive app with a super-accurate scale for hassle-free cocktail creation.

Perfectly proportioned drinks every time!

"A splash of this, a splash of that" may go unnoticed by someone already inebriated. But we sincerely doubt your awesome friends will appreciate that lazy swirl of gut rot at your next party.

With The Perfect Drink, you can effortlessly pour perfectly mixed drinks. As you pour, the app's virtual glass fills up in real time and dings to tell you when to stop. It automatically moves to the next ingredient or action (such as shaking and straining) all the while providing helpful and instructive bartending tips.

The Perfect Drink App tells you when to stop pouring.
Simply follow the on-screen instructions to pour the perfect drink.

High quality scale = smart bartending

Just like baking, mixing cocktails requires precise measurements of each ingredient.

To ensure great-tasting libations, The Perfect Drink includes a highly accurate scale with 1 gram precision. The included app reads those measurements 30 times per second for a real-time display of your pour.

Furthermore, The Perfect Drink knows the densities of every ingredient so as to ensure just-right proportions.

A super-accurate smart scale is the key to the Perfect Drink's cocktail-making genius.
The smart scale is accurate to within 1 gram and records 30 measurements per second. 

Automatically fixes accidental overpours

If you accidentally pour 1.2 ounces instead of 1 ounce, no big deal! The Perfect Drink automatically adjusts the amounts of every other ingredient so the ratios remain the same. As we found out during our extensive testing (tough job, right?), you may be surprised just how great your favorite drinks taste when created in perfect proportion.

Because The Perfect Drink does all of the math for you, it's also great for filling pitchers! Simply select the serving size and then place a carafe, jug, jar, urn, or Das Horn on the scale, and start pouring!

If you over pour an ingredient, the Perfect Drink automatically adjusts the recipe.
If you accidentally overpour an ingredient, the Perfect Drink app automatically corrects the recipe.

Expand your horizons with the "Cabinet" feature

We love the Perfect Drink's cabinet feature. Tell the app what ingredients you have on hand and it'll give you a list of cocktails you can create. You may be pleasantly surprised at how many new drinks you can create with the liquor you have lying around.

The cabinet feature of the Perfect Drink helps isolate what delicious cocktails you can make with your readily-available ingredients.
Simply enter your readily-available ingredients and The Perfect Drink tells you what cocktails you can make!

Start mixing right away!

The Perfect Drink includes just about everything you need to start creating flawless cocktails. In addition to the smart scale, you'll receive the phone/tablet stand and a stainless steel 750mL cocktail shaker.

In order to get up and running, simply download the free app to your iOS or Android device.

The Perfect Drink by Brookstone comes with a tablet stand, smart scale, two drink pouring spouts, and a cocktail shaker.
The Perfect Drink includes a phone/tablet stand, the smart scale, and a stainless steel cocktail shaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kind of tablet or smartphone do I need?

Answer: The Perfect Drink is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices. You need an iOS device capable of running iOS 5 (or above). For Android, you must have OS 4.1 or greater if using an Android phone or Galaxy Tab 3 (7", 8", or 10") or Galaxy Note (8").

Question: What's with this "by Brookstone" stuff? I thought they were a retailer?

Answer: They are a retailer. But they also make stuff. The Perfect Drink is one of their creations and we thought it was incredibly curiously awesome. They liked the video we had done with their Sånd, so we decided to work with them on another one. We hope you enjoy it because The Perfect Drink is darned cool.

Question: How does the smart scale connect to my mobile device?

Answer: Via the headphone jack. Just plug the 3.5mm cable in and you're off!

Question: Can I use any glass or container on the scale?

Answer: Yes! You can use the included cocktail shaker or your own glass or pitcher. The only restriction is the scale's capacity of 8.8 pounds.

Question: How many recipes are included in the app?

Answer: The app is updated monthly with new features and recipes. It currently features hundreds of recipes, detailed how-tos, and pictures of dozens of cocktail glassware (to help you distinguish a coupe glass from a margarita glass, for instance). Seriously, the app is a gem as far as usability and instructiveness are concerned.

Question: Can I add my own recipes to the app?

Answer: Yes! You can even add your own pictures for each step.

Question: Will I be able to make non-alcoholic drinks?

Answer: Yes! The app includes a variety of non-alcoholic recipes. And with the ability to design your own concoctions, the options are nearly limitless.

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