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Torpedo Shots

Drinking game inspired by the classic Battleship game.

This item has been discontinued.

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Turn a favorite childhood toy into an adult party game when you wage war with Torpedo Shots.

This head-to-head guessing game is played like the always-popular Battleship, but losing a ship can also mean losing your sobriety.

Each cardboard ship has holes cut out to fit the included shot glasses. Arrange your ships, fill your cups with your drink of choice, and start guessing where your opponent hid their vessels.

Each shot you land means your opponent has to take a shot from the cup in the selected coordinates. Be the last commander with a ship standing to win the war and, most importantly, the party.

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Features & specs

  • Grid-based guessing game with shot cups
  • Includes cardboard game board, 2 plastic board clips, 6 cardboard battleships with cup holes, 2 grid notepads, 18 plastic shot glasses
  • Shot glass volume: 1 oz (29 ml)

You drank my battleship!

The classic game you remember so well is now the party game you won’t remember playing.

Torpedo Shots is a fun way to keep your next get-together cruising. Because the rules of this drinking game are so familiar, it’ll be easy for your guests to play… no matter what kind of state they’re in when they start. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up those little pegs afterward.

Have a maritime merry time.

Rules of engagement

To begin your quest, lay out your three ships on the 6x6 grid in a formation which only you can see. Search out your opponent’s ale armada by guessing coordinates on the board and then tracking your guesses on the gridded notepad.

Score a direct hit to make your opponent take a drink, and take out all the cups in a ship to remove it from the game. Even if the tide of battle turns against you, you’ll have plenty of drinks to console yourself.

Place your ships on the board.Fill the included cups.Call your shots
Party like a sailor on leave.

Shots fired

Each Torpedo Shots set contains a cardboard game board with two separate grids. Fold the board and secure it with the included clips to create a barrier between you and your opponent.

The set also includes six cardboard ships with holes for the 18 included cups and two gridded notepads.

Includes six ships and 18 cups
Send ‘em to Davy Jones’ lager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the game have the same ships as Battleship?

Answer: Torpedo Shots includes 2 two-hole ships, 2 three-hole ships, and 2 four-hole ships.

Question: Yo, that seems like a lot of shots to drink.

Answer: The cups are a little smaller than a normal shot glass. That being said, you can always fill them with beer or a non-alcoholic drink instead of liquor.

Question: Does this include alcohol?

Answer: Torpedo Shots includes 18 cups, but it’s up to you what you fill them with.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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