Trapdoor Checkers: The most awesome version of checkers around.
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Trapdoor Checkers Board Game

Like regular Checkers, but with trapdoors!

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A comedian once quipped that telling someone you're good at Checkers is akin to saying you're not good at a lot of things. But regardless of whether or not you like Checkers, you're sure to love Trapdoor Checkers - a fun remix of the classic board game with an added element of chance along with super-cool trapdoors.

The Trapdoor Checkers board (like a traditional Checkers board) is an 8x8 grid, but with the added twist of eight trapdoors that can be opened and closed by a series of sliders. At the beginning of each turn, players spin their "Randomizer" which determines if they can move a piece or activate one of the four rows of trapdoors.

Designed for ages 7+. One spare checker of each color is included.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 10" x 12.5" x 1.5"
  • Includes 26 checkers (13 black, 13 white)
  • One spare piece of each color is included
  • Ages 7+

It's a Checkers board with trapdoors! Now that's awesome.

Honestly, regular Checkers is kind of lame because if both players play correctly, the match always ends in a draw. Unlike Chess, not much is left to chance or skill.

And that's why it was a big deal when the Deep Blue computer finally beat a human at Chess. However, when Chinook, the Checkers computer game, wiped out the competition at the 1996 USA National Checkers Tournament (apparently that exists), there certainly wasn't much of an uproar.

Enter Trapdoor Checkers. The designers of this fabulous re-hab have created a version of Checkers that requires a bit more skill and includes a dash of chance...and did we mention trapdoors?!

Enjoy a new twist on a classic game with Trapdoor Checkers.
Trapdoor Checkers adds an element of chance along with trapdoors to the traditional Checkers board.

The "Randomizer" and trapdoors add the excitement

In our minds, Trapdoor Checkers is to regular Checkers what Major League Baseball is to fast-pitch softball. They're in different leagues.

The two additions to standard Checkers that make Trapdoor Checkers so curiously awesome are: the randomizer and, as its name implies, the trapdoors.

The randomizer determines whether you move a piece or activate one of the trapdoors. There are four rows that feature trapdoors: two green rows and two orange rows. The trapdoor sliders can be moved to either open one of the two trapdoors in its row or close an open door.

The Trapdoors Checkers board features eight trap doors.
The Randomizer and Trapdoors push this Checkers version into a whole new stratosphere.

Before each turn, spin the Randomizer

At the start of each turn, you spin your Randomizer. It consists of three colors: black, orange, and green. They are not weighted evenly, so you're more likely to land on black than either green or orange.

  • Black: You must move a piece.
  • Green: You must move one of the two green "sliders" on the edge of the board. With the slider, you can choose which of the two trapdoors in that row to open or, if a door is already open, to close it.
  • Orange: You must activate one of the two orange "sliders". Opening or closing a trap door can help you capture an opponent's piece, stop their advance, or allow you safe passage.
Please note that if the Randomizer shows green or orange, that you cannot advance one of your pieces. This makes the game incredibly exciting as moving a piece onto a colored square can be extremely dangerous.

Spin the Trapdoor Checkers randomizer at the start of each turn.
Spin the Randomizer to determine whether you move a piece or activate a trapdoor.

Capture their pieces and block advances with the trapdoors

The trapdoors add oodles of strategy to an otherwise simple game. Plus, how awesome is it to flip a switch and have your opponent's piece drop off the board? Mega awesome, that's how.

Because the trapdoors remain open until closed, you can use them for more than just dumping your enemy's pieces; they can also be used to protect your pieces from your opponent.

Push the trapdoor slider to activate one of eight trap doors.
Strategic use of trapdoors allows you to dump opponent's pieces or block their movements.

If you lose a checker, it's no big deal

Checkers requires twelve pieces per side. Trapdoor Checkers includes an extra of each color in case you lose one...ya' know, after you throw a little tantrum because you lost three games in a row to your significant other who is clearly cheating.

Trapdoor Checkers includes one spare of each color checker.
One spare piece of each color is included in the Trapdoor Checkers set.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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