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Wine Pearls (set of 4)

Refreezable capsules chill your wine without diluting it.

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Keep your wine glass chilled for up to an hour with Wine Pearls.

Unlike ice cubes which dilute your wine, Wine Pearls house a refreezable gel coolant that maintains the proper temperature without affecting the taste.

With an exterior made from hand-polished stainless steel, FDA-approved Wine Pearls are completely non-porous, odorless, and tasteless. Sold in a four-pack with gift packaging.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (per pearl): 1.25" x 1" x 1"
  • Chills wine for up to 1 hour
  • Non-porous, odorless, and tasteless
  • Four (4) pearls per pack
  • FDA approved
  • Hand wash with soap

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Keeps your wine chilled without affecting the taste 

Winemakers go to incredible lengths to craft a particular taste. There is nary a refreshment whose complex flavors are scrutinized, savored, discussed, compared, and enjoyed as much as wine.

Ensure maximum enjoyment by maintaining your wine's proper temperature with Wine Pearls. These stainless steel orbs act like ice cubes that don't melt! They keep the wine cool for up to an hour without diluting it.

Wine Pearls keep your wine perfectly chilled for up to an hour.
With Wine Pearls you can keep your wine chilled without ruining the taste.

Stainless steel capsule filled with a freezing gel

Wine Pearls are about half the size of a standard ice cube, but pack just as much cooling power. Inside each pearl is an FDA-approved food-safe freezing gel. Because it freezes at a lower temperature than water, Wine Pearls can provide cooling for up to an hour.

The Wine Pearl's hand-polished stainless steel housing is non-porous which means it's completely odorless and tasteless. Therefore, the flavor of your wine will not be adversely affected. In fact, it will probably taste better because it's at the correct tasting temperature.

Close-up view of woman holding a Wine Pearl.
An FDA-approved food-safe freezing gel is sealed inside the Wine Pearl's stainless steel housing.

Lose the ice, save the flavor

We're certainly not wine snobs at Vat19, but seeing someone plop a few cubes of ice into their wine rattles us to our core. You can't do that, people! It dilutes the wine, destroys the flavor, and it just makes you look like a total clown.

Ice cubes are porous which means the aromas from your freezer or ice maker will take up shelter inside of them. As the cubes melt, those potentially funky smells leak into your wine. Delightful!

Instead, chill your wine without affecting its taste with Wine Pearls. Usage is simple. Toss these stainless steel "pills" into your freezer. When it's time to toss back some vino, plop them into your glass and they'll keep the liquid cool for up to an hour.

Wine Pearls do not dilute your wine like ice does.
Ice + Wine = Bad, bad, bad. Don't do it. Use Wine Pearls instead.

Gift-ready set is packaged with four wine pearls

Each set of Wine Pearls includes four (4) hand-polished stainless steel wine chillers.

Wine Pearls are packaged in an attractive gift box and include four wine pearls.
Each gift-ready set of Wine Pearls includes four stainless steel capsules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Aren't these just like your Whiskey Stones?

Answer: They're a very similar concept. The difference between Wine Pearls and Whiskey Stones is that Whiskey Stones are designed to chill a much smaller volume of liquid. For this reason, they are also smaller.

We believe Whiskey Stones aren't a powerful enough chiller for a typical 4-6 ounce pour of wine. We also believe that Wine Pearls are too large for the typical 2-ounce pour of whiskey. Of course, nothing is stopping you from buying one set and using it with any liquid you wish.

Question: How long will they keep my drink cool?

Answer: Up to an hour!

Question: Could I use Wine Pearls in other drinks?

Answer: Yes. However, we only recommend Wine Pearls in drinks that are served in 4-6 ounce portions such as wines (obviously!), seltzers, juices, and cocktails.

Question: For how long do I need to put Wine Pearls in the freezer before they're ready?

Answer: The food safe freezing gel inside of each pearl takes just a few hours to freeze. After you finish drinking, rinse them off and toss them back in the freezer and they'll be ready the next time.

Question: Do Wine Pearls develop a taste "residue"?

Answer: Nope! Wine Pearls are non-porous which means they're completely odorless and tasteless. They only affect the temperature of your wine.

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