Zip It: A portable, competitive word race game
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Zip-It Travel Word Game

A portable, competitive word race game.

Zip-It Travel Word Game
Zip-It Travel Word Game image
Zip-It Travel Word Game image
Zip-It Travel Word Game image
Zip-It Travel Word Game image
  • Zip-It Travel Word Game
This item has been discontinued.


Go head-to-head with a friend in a vocabulary busting race. Both players attempt to create horizontally and vertically linked words using twelve randomly-selected six-sided dice printed with letters. The first player to use all twelve of their dice yells, “Zip!” and wins the round.

Each die contains 6 different letters that can be arranged and rearranged to form a Scrabble-like word grid. The color-coded zippers help keep score after each round and also hold the dice when you’re finished, making it a great travel game.

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Features & specs

  • 2 player word race game
  • Ages 7 and up
  • 24 six-sided letter dice
  • Carrying pouch and zipper score keeper

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Zip through the alphabet

Zip-It can best be described as Scrabble at full sprint. Race to be the first player to use all twelve of your letter cubes to form interconnected words, in a crossword-like grid. Each cube has six different letters for you to use, so you’re never stuck trying to spell a word with all vowels.

You’ll need to be a swift speller, though, as most rounds are over in less than a minute—some in as little as 20 seconds! The first player to win ten rounds wins the game.

Use your words.

Words for the taking

Zip-It is a perfect grab-and-go game. The entirety of the game fits inside its cloth carrying case, which features a convenient handle for clipping onto a backpack.

Its cleverly compact design requires no board and can be played in tight spaces. Zip-It is great for road trips and lunchrooms—the game even fits on an airplane tray so you can write words in the sky!

Take Zip It anywhere!
A pocket-sized vocabulary.

Self-contained scoreboard

Zip-It is especially travel-friendly because the carrying case cleverly doubles as a scoreboard.

The sides of the pouch underneath each zipper are numbered zero through nine. Move your colored zipper along the numbered scale each time you win a round until you reach the tenth point, represented by a star. It’s an easy and efficient way to mark your path to victory.

Unique zipper scoring system
Reach for the star.

More ways to play

If you want to add an extra challenge to your games, try some of the rules variations, like rewarding extra points for rhymes, long words, and palindromes. Or make up your own rules, and give extra points for forming the name of a state. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to strengthen your quick-thinking brain muscles.

Multiple variations available.
Try one of these additional rules or make your own!

Question: Is this played like Bananagrams?

Answer: Zip-It is similar to Bananagrams; they’re actually made by the same company! The primary difference is that Zip-It has multiple letters per piece so the challenge isn’t forming words, it’s forming words as fast as possible.

Question: Can this be played with more than two people?

Answer: You can certainly add more people to the game, it will just result in fewer letter blocks per person. Keep in mind that the zippered scoring system is only designed for two people, so you’ll need an alternative way to keep track of score.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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