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Ninja Pencils (set of 12)

Set of 12 super-trained and stealthy black wood pencils.

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Intensify the stealthiness of your writing and drawing with a pack of Ninja Pencils.

Each black wood implement features a black eraser, black ferrule, and a trace of small ninjutsu designs painted in white.

Each pack includes twelve #2 pencils.

Features & specs

  • Standard #2 graphite
  • Black erasers, black ferrules, and black wood
  • 12 per pack

Your writing has never been so stealthy

Everything you draw or write with Ninja Pencils will feature a heightened sense of sabotage, disguise, and all-around badassery. Use it wisely.

Man using a Ninja Pencil to draw a throwing star.
Each Ninja Pencil is made from black wood.

Screams "Hi-Ya!"... literally!

Had the ninjas had their way, Ninja Pencils would have been shrouded in such mystery and darkness to only exist in nightmares.

Luckily, business-savvy minds prevailed and chose to decorate these all-black pencils with identifying markings. These designs include the steely stare of a ninja's eyes, Japanese characters, and "Hi-Ya!".

Fun Ninja details adorn the barrel of the Ninja Pencil.
Ninja Pencils feature a variety of amusing designs on the barrel.

Black wood & black eraser

Our favorite feature of the Ninja Pencil is that its darkness extends deep into its core. Not only is its ferrule black, but its wood and erasers are also dipped in shadow.

Ninja Pencils feature a black eraser and black wood throughout.
Ninja Pencils feature black erasers, ferrules, and wood.

Assassinate tests with extreme prejudice

Ninja Pencils are standard #2 (aka HB) which makes them perfect for annihilating standardized tests.

Ninja Pencils are #2 which makes them perfect for use at school and on standardized tests.
Constructed with #2 graphite, Ninja Pencils are ideal for test taking.

A ninja's dozen per pack!

Each set of Ninja Pencils includes twelve unsharpened pencils because ninjas rebuke the so-called "baker's dozen". They believe that if you want a 13th pencil for the price of twelve, then you are more than welcome to come to their factory and try to take it. Yikes.

Each set of Ninja Pencils includes a dozen pencils.
Each set of Ninja Pencils includes twelve pencils.

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