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Auto Safety Master Can Opener (5-in-1 opener)

5-in-1 multi-tool opens cans without creating sharp edges.

Auto Safety Master Opener
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The Auto Safety Master Opener is an amazing 5-in-1 can opener. The cornerstone of this multi-tool is Kuhn Rikon's patented LidLifter technology, which makes opening cans far easier and safer than with traditional openers.

The self-attaching LidLifter cuts the outside rim of the can and not the top, which means no sharp or jagged edges are left behind! Use the mini-pliers to lift off the top without ever touching the can.

The Auto Safety Master Opener can also open flip tops, screw tops, pull tabs, and break the vacuum seal of screw jar tops. Available in multiple colors.

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Features & specs:

  • Dimensions: 8.75" x 2.75" x 2.5"
  • Automatically attaches to can
  • Cuts outside rim of can to prevent sharp edges
  • Includes classic "church key" for bottle caps
  • Ridged gripper opens screw tops
  • Jar pop breaks vacuum seal of screw jar tops
  • Beak opens pull tabs
  • Patent-pending Swiss design

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Simpler, safer, and easier than traditional can openers

Although the Auto Safety Master Opener is a 5-in-1 tool, it truly shines in the can-opening department. Here's how the LidLifter works:

Step 1: Line up the indentations on the side of the Auto Safety Master Opener with the rim of the can.

To begin opening a can with the Auto Safety Master Opener, simply align the identations with the rim of the can.
Using the Auto Safety Master Opener's LidLifter is easy.
Just align the indentation on the opener with the rim of the can.

Revolutionary self-attaching design

Step 2: Once lined up, twist the knob clockwise and the LidLifter will automatically grip the lid and begin to cut. A small ribbed pattern will appear on the rim of the can as the Auto Safety Master Opener performs its magic.

The LidLifter automatically grips and cuts the can as you twist the knob.
As you twist the knob, the opener will automatically grip the lid and begin to cut.

Remove the lid without getting messy

Step 3: Use the mini-pliers to remove the top of the can without even having to touch it!

The mini-pliers help you remove the top cleanly and safely.
Press the thumb button to operate the mini-pliers. They allow you to lift the lid cleanly and easily.

No sharp or jagged edges

The LidLifter safely cuts the outside rim of the can, not the top. This means smooth and safe edges on both the can and the lid. No longer will your opened-can-tops resemble ninja's frisbees.

The Auto Safety Master Opener opens cans without leaving behind sharp or jagged edges.
The Auto Safety Master Opener easily opens the can without leaving behind any sharp or jagged edges. Brilliant!

Opens all sorts of other bottles and jars!

The Auto Safety Master Opener can open many other items in the kitchen. It can break vacuum seals on screw top jars, open pull tabs, twist off bottle tops, and crack open bottle caps.

Diagram showing the four other ways the Auto Safety Master Opener can open jars and bottles.

The Auto Safety Master Opener can break vacuum seals, twist off screw tops, crack open soda and beer bottles, and remove pull tabs.
In addition to opening cans, the Auto Safety Master Opener can break vacuum seals, open pull tabs,
twist off screw tops, and crack open soda and beer bottles.

Available in several colors

Purchase the Auto Safety Master Can Opener in red, green, and blue.

Red Auto Safety Master OpenerGreen Auto Safety Master OpenerBlue Auto Safety Master Opener

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