Bedol Water Powered Alarm Clocks: They run solely on tap water
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Bedol Water-Powered Clocks

Desktop clocks that run solely on tap water.

Bedol Water-Powered Clocks
Bedol Water-Powered Clocks image
Bedol Water-Powered Clocks image
Bedol Water-Powered Clocks image
Bedol Water-Powered Clocks image
Bedol Water-Powered Clocks image
Bedol Water-Powered Clocks image
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Our Water Powered Clocks run solely on H20. Fill 'em up with some tap water and they'll instantly turn on. Amazingly, they will operate for months without needing any new water.

Available in two styles (a basic time-keeping clock and an alarm clock with a calendar), Bedol Water Powered Clocks feature a large and vibrant LCD display easily viewable from across the room.

When a water change is required, the Water Powered Clocks will retain your settings for two minutes.

Currently available in two styles in three color combinations.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (Round style): 4" x 3.5" x 4.25"
  • Dimensions (Drop style): 4" x 3.5" x 6.5"
  • Powered entirely by tap water; no batteries!
  • Runs 5 weeks to 6 months before needing to change water
  • Drop style features calendar, alarm, 12/24 display, hourly chime
  • Round style keeps time in 12-hr format

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These cool clocks run solely on water. No batteries!

These Water Powered Alarm Clocks are standard desk clocks with one cool distinction: they run solely on water. No batteries are required!

Add water to the reservoir and the clock is immediately ready to be set. The large and vibrant LCD screen is easy to read from afar.

The environmental benefits of the Water Powered Clock are fairly obvious (less battery waste). But, what really sold us is how cool they look, their ease of use, and how long they can operate on a single fill-up of water.

Bedol Water-Powered Alarm Clock and Clock on a table.
These cool desk clocks are powered solely by H2O.

Step #1: Add water. There is no step #2.

To power up your clock, unscrew the base (for the Drop style clock) or remove the spill-proof cap (for the Round style clock) and fill with tap water. Bam! You're done. The display will immediately turn on and you're ready to set your clock. Pretty awesome!

Simply fill the water-powered clock with tap water to begin using.
The Water Powered Clock (as its name suggests) requires only water in order to operate.

Simple to operate

Our Water Powered Clocks are straightforward to use. For the round style (pictured below-left), there are only three distinct buttons: HR, MIN, and SET. The drop style (pictured below-right) has only two unique buttons: MODE and SET.

Each clock includes detailed and easy-to-follow instructions. You'll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Bedol water clocks are simple to operate.
Water-Powered Clocks feature trouble-free operation.

Runs up to 6 months without requiring a water change

What's great about these Water Powered Clocks is that they run for so long before needing a water change. Their vibrant LCD display is extremely efficient and also serves as your guide for when the water must be changed. When the display begins to fade, you should change the water.

It's not uncommon for the clock to run for several months before requiring a water swap. In some cases, it could run for over a year on a single fill-up! And when the time eventually comes, you don't have to worry about losing your settings. An embedded chip stores the clock's data for two minutes while you change the water.

A memory chip retains your settings for up to two minutes while changing water.
A small chip inside the Water Powered Clock preserves your settings for up to two minutes while you change the water.

Spill-proof designs prevent... spills!

The back compartment of each Water Powered Clock contains the "brains" that convert water into electrical fuel. It's kept well-sealed from the LCD display by a spill-proof cap on the Round style and a screw-on base (with o-ring) on the Drop style.

This means that you don't have to worry about spills if you accidentally knock over your clock.

Bedol Water-Powered Clocks are water-tight to prevent spills.
The spill-proof designs ensure that the water inside your clock remains where it belongs: inside it!

Choose from two styles

Our Water-Powered Clocks are available in two styles: Drop and Round. The main difference (other than shape) between the two is that the Drop style is an alarm clock whereas the Round style is merely a timepiece (powered by water!).

Check out the table below for the nitty gritty differences.

 Round StyleDrop Style
Time Format:12-hour12/24 hour
How long before water change:Up to 12 weeks5 weeks to 6 months


Daily with optional hourly chime



Water-Powered clocks by Bedol are available in several styles and colors.
Our Water Powered Clocks are available in two styles: Drop and Round.
Drop is an alarm clock. Round is a standard time keeper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How often do I have to replace the water?

Answer: You will have to do this every 5 weeks to 6 months depending on the characteristics of your water supply. If you're keeping your Water Powered Clock on your desk at work, it gives you an excuse to take a quick break. It's also cheaper than batteries. Oh, and did we mention that the clock runs on water? Yeah, that's awesome!

Question: How do I know when to change the water?

Answer: The digital display will begin to fade when it's time to replace the water. It's typical for a batch of water to last 2-3 months and there have been instances of it lasting up to a year (not a typo) depending on the chemical makeup of your water source.

Question: Is there a backlight?

Answer: No.

Question: Will I have to reset the time whenever I change the water?

Answer: No. All Bedol Water-Powered Clocks retains their settings for up to two minutes when there is no water present. This is plenty of time, as it will only take about 15 seconds to replace the water.

Question: This seems familiar. Didn't you once sell a different clock that runs on water?

Answer: Your memory is stellar! Yes, we previously sold a Water-Powered Clock and were saddened when it was discontinued by its manufacturer. When we came across the Bedol Water Powered Clocks, it was like getting a second chance with an old flame. But in this case, the old flame has really been hitting the gym lately. These Water-Powered Clocks are superior in terms of style, LCD clarity, and how long they last before needing to change the water. So, buy, buy, buy!

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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