Accidental Inventions: 10 inventions, 10 extraordinary stories
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Accidental Inventions DVD

10 Inventions. 10 Extraordinary stories.

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Accidental Inventions examines the stories behind 10 extraordinary inventions, using historical photographs, 3D graphics, and interviews with professors and professionals from the FBI to the U.S. Air Force.

Accidental Inventions will delight and entertain as it explores these and other inventions, teaching us that sometimes the greatest keys to success are curiosity and an open mind.

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Features & specs

  • Cellophane
  • Dynamite
  • Ether Anesthesia
  • Fingerprinting
  • Matches
  • Microwave
  • Post-It Notes
  • Stainless Steel
  • Teflon
  • Velcro
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10 Inventions. 10 Extraordinary stories.

It was an event that would shake the world--literally. In 1846 Alfred Nobel accidentally invented dynamite, paving the way for the creation of such modern marvels as the Panama Canal, Hoover Dam, and Mt. Rushmore.

Accidental Inventions tells this story and the amazing stories behind 9 other extraordinary inventions through the use of historical photographs, 3D animations, and interviews with experts.

Loads of fun facts and interesting info.

See how a cocklebur became Velcro, or how a mysterious laboratory accident created Teflon.

Did you know Cellophane was a failed tablecloth? Or that stainless steel was literally discovered in a scientist's junk pile?

From the spark of the first matchstick to the laboratory failure that led to Post-Its, Accidental Inventions entertains while it educates, telling the unknown stories behind some of our greatest modern inventions.

Covers: Microwave Ovens, Matches, Post-It Notes, Velcro, Teflon, Cellophane, Ether Anesthesia, Superglue Fingerprint Fuming, Dynamite, and Stainless steel.


Accidental Inventions has won the coveted Parents' Choice Award.

"...the DVD offers interesting mini-documentaries that will inspire, inform, encourage curiosity and prove that anything's possible."


Cellophane: Learn how a failed tablecloth and the fibers from plants became the popular product known as cellophane.
Dynamite: The man that gave us the Nobel prize also gave us dynamite. As a bonus, take a tour of North America's only dynamite factory.
Ether Anesthesia: Learn how a popular 19th century party drug gave medicine one of its greatest advances. As a bonus, take a tour of a modern day anesthesia training facility.
Superglue Fingerprint Fuming: Every wonder how they "lift" fingerprints? Learn how in this segment from Accidental Inventions.
Matches: Interestingly enough, the cigarette lighter was invented before the match. Learn how this everyday item came to be. As a bonus, learn about the dangerous effects of pre-20th century match making.
Microwave Oven: A scientist working on ways to make radars more powerful stumbled upon microwave ovens. As a bonus, learn about proximity fuses, discover how microwaves actually cook food, and learn how B-2 Stealth Bombers avoid radar.
Post-It Notes: Scientists working on superglues invent a glue that doesn't work very well. As a bonus, learn how scotch tape came to be.
Stainless steel: A British scientist studying erosion in gun barrels stumbles upon rustless steel in a junk pile.
Teflon: One of the first uses of the world's most slippery material was on the Manhattan Project.
Velcro: A scientist goes on a walk with his dog and returns with an idea on how to make one of the world's most popular hook and loop fasteners.

Bonus Sections! Over 30 minutes of extra material.

  1. B-2 Bombers: Avoiding Radar / Visit Whiteman Air Force Base and learn how our B-2 bombers avoid radar detection.
  2. How do microwave ovens cook our food?
  3. Are microwaves dangerous?
  4. What is a proximity fuse?
  5. The Invention of the Matchbook
  6. The Matchgirls Strike of 1888
  7. The horrors of Phossy Jaw
  8. Phosphorous Oxidation / Watch a scientist demonstrate the dangers of allowing phosphorous to be exposed to oxygen.
  9. Fingerprinting Today: Inside a fingerprint laboratory
  10. Anesthesia Practice facility / Take a tour of a modern day anesthesia practice facility where high-tech mannequins are showcased.
  11. How tough is stainless steel?

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