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CMT: Closed Molding Technology DVD

State-of-the-art closed molding techniques.

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Master the newest techniques for VIP, CCBM, Light RTM, temperature controlled molds, and more! Hands-on and theoretical training in building tooling, parts and molds WITH and FOR closed molding.

Includes a FREE copy of VIP Lite! That's a $99 value for free.

Features & specs

Watch our CMT DVD video

André Cocquyt's CMT DVD

State-of-the-art closed molding techniques for the fiberglass and composites industry.

Master the newest techniques for VIP, CCBM, Light RTM, temperature controlled molds, and more!

Hands-on and theoretical training in building tooling, parts and molds WITH and FOR closed molding.

Learn the Latest CLOSED MOLDING Techniques


• Plug Construction
• Laminate Design
• Tooling Gel Application
• Feed & vacuum lines
• Material Kitting Concepts
• Flange Assemblies, Mold Inserts & Penetrations
• Mold Release Systems

Module 2: NEW MOLDS

• Hull Mold Inner Skin Construction
• Hull Mold Jacket Construction
• Hull Mold Outer Skin & Plumbing Construction
• Mold Framing & Handling System
• First Hull Part Construction, Infusion, and Review

• Temperature Controlled Mold Table Construction
• Mold Heating Equipment
• Concept of Temperature Controlled Molds


• Mold Surface Porosity & Cracking
• Mold Conversion GUIDELINES
• Flange Extension

Module 4: THE "B" SIDE MOLD

• Introduction to “B” side molds
• Thin Shell “B” Side for VIP
• Light RTM

• Complex Reusable Silicone Bags
• CCBM Brush Bag Silicone Construction
• Flanges for Reusable Bags

• Large Flat Panel Mold Setup & Infusion
• 3 sided Factory Edge Finish

Expand your Knowledge
The CMT DVD complements Andre's VIP DVDs by bringing a complete overview and hands-on education about the different closed molding technologies, such as Light RTM, CCBM, and large flat stock manufacturing.

Hands-on Learning
The CMT DVD explains and demonstrates how to build temperature controlled molds that allow mold surface control within 3 to 5 degrees during all phases of closed molding.

The success of the VIP DVDs have led to an increased partnership with some of the industry's leading companies:

Screenshots from the CMT DVD

State of the art CMT: a temperature controlled
mold on a hydraulic rotating mold system.
From open to closed molding in a real
production environment.
Simulteneous infusion of both skins for
flat stock temperature controlled mold.
Silicone bag method (CCBM) for small parts.
Andre Cocquyt, infusion Guru, and Doug Smith,
RTM Guru, discuss the B-side of a Light RTM mold.
Complex silicone bag with incorporated feed
system takes less than one minute to install.


The DVD incorrectly lists the address for Colbond. The correct address for Colbond is:

Colbond Inc.
1301 Sand Hill Rd.
P.O. Box 1057
Enka, NC 28728

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