Ambient Party DVD: The Perfect Party Every Time
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Ambient Party DVD: Leave Nothing to Chance

The Perfect Party...Every Time.

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Heat up your next bash with Ambient Party. Simply pop the disc into your DVD player for the ultimate in party ambiance. Guest will be entertained with puzzles, games, trivia, jokes, and mind-bending visuals, all accompanied by a selection of pulsing electronic dance tracks.

Fully customizable, the Ambient Party DVD keeps the fun going all night long.

Optimized for both standard and widescreen TVs.

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Features & specs

  • 19 Party Scenes
  • 8 Music Tracks
  • Mix and match any scene with any music track
  • Create custom playlists
  • Loop mode for non-stop partying
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Nineteen Awesome Visuals for your next party

The Ambient Party DVD features nearly two dozen carefully crafted party stimulation scenes.

Choose from mind-bending visuals, ice-breakers, jokes, trivia, and games or simply let Ambient Party do the heavy-lifting via the randomized "Play All" mode.

Ambient Party DVD

Ambient Party features:

Ambient Party features loop modeKeep the party going "all night long" with loop mode.
Ambient Party has multiple music options.Ambient Party includes 8 electronic dance tracks. If they don't suit you, hit mute and play your own tunes.
Ambient Party fills all TVsAmbient Party includes both widescreen and fullscreen versions on the same disc.

Choose from 19 different party scenes

Break the ice with jokes and pick-up lines.

Ahhh...chess that plays itself. Much easier on the brain.

Chill out to mind-bending visuals.

Turn your place into a 21st century disco hall.

Decipher the license plates before time runs out!

Turn any gathering into a friendly knowledge competition.

Not slurring your vowels enough when you party? The quicker you say it, the more obvious it becomes.

Hint: The answer is Michelangelo.

Worried about the quality and quantity of dancing at your party?

Fear not, we've collected plenty of moves to keep you inspired all night long.

As the night progresses, these word scrambles may become increasingly difficult.

Add a touch of distinction to your next social gathering with this conversation starter - Leonardo DaVinci's sketches come to life.

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