Perfect Server DVD: Waitstaff Training Video
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The Perfect Server DVD

Create a waitstaff that dazzles, delights, and delivers results.

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The Perfect Server offers a comprehensive look at what it takes to provide top-notch service in a restaurant environment.

Viewers will learn from the successes of the "perfect server", Jane, and laugh at the blunders of "bad server" John as they attempt to satisfy guests, up-sell graciously, and increase their final tips.

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Features & specs

  • Module-based programming
  • Printable extras
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Printable certificate of mastery
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Your waitstaff can make or break your restaurant

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As you know, your waiters and waitresses are the most crucial link between your customers and your success.

In today's competitive restaurant landscape, average or less than average waiters will wreak havoc with your ability to compete. On the other hand, a polite and well-educated staff will make each customer's meal an experience to remember.

Give your waitstaff the competitive advantage

By giving your servers the tools they need to succeed, you increase their earnings and your retention rate. The Perfect Server DVD is not intended to replace all of your current waiter and waitress training methods. Shadowing, role-playing, and training seminars are all excellent ways to educate your waitstaff.

Waitstaff training and commentary provided by knowledgable host
Your host will provide insightful tips and commentary.

The Perfect Server was created to add an element of uniformity, complementing and reinforcing those hands-on techniques. The more training you can provide, the better.

Follow two servers through an entire meal

The main program allows viewers to spend an entire meal with John, the “bad server”, Jane, the “perfect server”, and a knowledgeable host who provides on-going commentary.

Waitress training benefits your entire staff of servers.
Learn from the blunders of other waiters in our training video.
Learn from the perfect example of Jane.
Learn from (and laugh at) the blunders of John.

Comprehensive Video Instruction

Instruction topics include

The Basics:

Advanced and Bonus material:

  • Looking presentable
  • Prepping the restaurant
  • Approaching a new table
  • Presenting the menu
  • Serving the meal
  • Closing the sale
  • Reading body language
  • Tableside manners
  • Selling Wine & Alcohol
  • What to do if disaster strikes
  • Up-selling techniques
  • Sanitation & Food Safety

Short training modules make it easy to find time for waitstaff training

We know it's difficult to find time to train new employees or to provide refreshers for seasoned veterans. That's why we created The Perfect Server so that it can be used in variety of ways.

Watch one training module and go back to work. Or, a waiter or waitress can take the DVD home and watch the entire program in one sitting. It's completely up to you.

Interactive Quizzes reinforce mastery of the material

There are seven interactive training quizzes on The Perfect Server. Each quiz focuses on a different area of instruction. The Perfect Server is designed so that a staff member can watch the section on up-selling, for instance, take the accompanying quiz, and come back to the DVD at a later date. The Perfect Server does not have to be completed in one sitting.

Video quizzes will reinforce waiter and waitress training knowledge.
Pass all of the quizzes and receive a printable certificate.

No software to install

All you need is a DVD player. The quizzes are taken using your DVD remote control.

Verifiable training for your entire staff

Upon successful completion of quiz sections, your servers will receive their own unique completion codes that can be authenticated online to earn a printable certificate of mastery.

Completion codes verify that your servers have learned from our video.

Each copy of The Perfect Server DVD can be used to train as many servers as you would like. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions for verification.

Watch a Video that explains the verification system

Note: You will be emailed a unique DVD-ID code within 24 hours after your purchase. This code will be required in the verification process.

Bonus Printable Material

Put The Perfect Server DVD into any computer's DVD-ROM drive to access a host of useful, printable documents.

Printable extras include:

  • Wine pairings cheat sheet (to keep in their order slip folder)
  • Common alcohol brands cheat sheet (to keep in their order slip folder)
  • Kitchen prep terms (4 pages, over 80 terms covering 'Al dente' to 'Wok')
  • Common server lingo (42 terms covering '86'd' to 'Turn and Burn')

These printable extras ensure that even seasoned professionals will learn something new.

Create a Graceful Waitstaff

The Perfect Server DVD teaches and enforces graceful and unobtrusive up-selling techniques. It also emphasizes that great serving is achieved through the execution of simple things flawlessly, with elegance and style.

Waitress training creates a graceful waitstaff
Ensure your guests leave delighted and ready
to spread the word about your great food and service.

The 55-minute Main Program creates a foundation for success

By following Jane, the "perfect server", and John, the not-so-perfect server, through an entire meal, your staff will learn how to impress your guests through the simple art of graceful execution.

  • Create a positive first impression without resorting to cheesy banter or offensive one-liners.
  • Learn practical time management skills to avoid embarrassing and costly gaffes.
  • Avoid potentially embarrassing assumptions that can sour a customer forever.
  • Learn how taking drink orders presents an excellent opportunity for unobtrusive up-selling.
  • Present specials in a way that increases entreé and appetizer orders.
  • Practical, time-tested, and guaranteed up-selling techniques that are not pushy, invasive, or obnoxious.
  • Spot up-selling opportunities that most waiters miss.
  • Learn how to properly time the placement of orders so that your diners aren't waiting for their meal.
  • Learn how to avoid the dreaded "food auction".
  • How to check on your table unobtrusively once they have their meal.
  • Turn simple tasks such as dropping off the check into opportunities to garner bigger tips.
  • And much, much more!

Our extensive Bonus Sections target key success areas

Body language

This section shows that your own body language is just as important as correctly reading your guest's body language.

Tableside manners

To be a great doctor, you must have great bedside manner. To be a great server, you must have great tableside manners. This section covers the art of elegant interaction with your guests.

Waitstaff training DVD covers tableside manners.
Learn proper tableside etiquette.

Selling wine & alcohol

We simply cover the basics here. Selling wine and alcohol is a complicated task and requires more training beyond the scope of this DVD. However, this will get your staff started and help them avoid common mistakes such as incorrectly opening and serving wine.

Waitstaff training is not complete without a knowledge of wine and alcohol service.
Learn how to open and serve a bottle of wine.
Learn the basics of mixed drinks and wine service.
Learn tips and techniques for flawless tableside wine service.

What to do if disaster strikes

Mistakes happen. Learning how to deal with them can make a huge difference in the success of your business.

Disasters happen.  Train your waitresses and waiters to handle them properly.
Learn to turn big mistakes into big rewards.

Spilling a drink on a customer can seem like the worst possible scenario for your restaurant. If handled properly, however, it can create a positive lasting impression. The Perfect Server DVD teaches your waitstaff how to handle these situations with grace and style.

Up-selling techniques

Up-selling, if employed poorly, can be annoying and a real turn-off for guests. That's why we stress graceful, unobtrusive and seamless upselling techniques.

Food safety and sanitation

No waiter or waitress training program is complete without mention of food safety and sanitation. This section covers the basics.

Waitstaff training is not complete without a knowledge of wine and alcohol service.
Learn how to open and serve a bottle of wine.
Food safety and sanitation is the entire restaurant's responsibility.
Something as simple as proper hand washing can save you from food safety nightmares.

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