Good Golf is Easy: Golf DVD teaches Golf Instruction
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Good Golf is Easy DVD

Good Golf really can be easy with European Teaching Pro John Norsworthy.

Good Golf is Easy DVD
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
Good Golf is Easy DVD image
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Journey to the magnificent south of France with host and golf pro, John Norsworthy, for a series of lessons in beginning golf, par excellence!

This outstanding instructional DVD, which includes over three-and-a-half hours of video from the beautiful Cote d'Azur, teaches the skills and techniques required for every aspect of the wonderful game of golf. Derived from the award-winning TV series, Norsworthy's proven strategy and "natural instinct" method makes good golfing a snap for the beginner.

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Features & specs

  • 13 Lessons
  • South of France
  • Natural Instinct
  • Golf Trivia
  • Bonus Travelogue
  • Golf Tricks
  • And more...
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Learning Golf is Easy and Fun

Your host, John Norsworthy, will say it many times - "Good golf is easy."

He'll teach even amateur golfers to exploit their natural abilities and instincts to become a good golfer.

Anyone, regardless of age or strength, will become a more confident player and enjoy golf even more.

A Golf Vacation to the South of France

Good Golf is Easy takes you to courses with unique features and breath-taking views.

By combining John's teaching system with the unique features of interactive DVD, you can easily get to any of the thirteen feature packed lessons.

You can also access visits to exciting places such as Cannes, Monaco, Biot, St. Tropez, and Valbonne. Sit in on discussions, and test your knowledge of golf trivia and fun facts.

Bonus Features

Bonus features abound in this DVD. They include thirty-five minutes of travelogue, including breathtaking golf courses, villages, perfume and glass factories, and food and games.

There's also an interactive section entitled: Inside Golf: Myths, Tips, and Tricks. Learn a few good jokes and facts to take with you to the course on your next outting. We even included stretching exercises for the golfer.

Lessons Covered

1. One Handed Swing & The Sweet Spot
2. The Grip & Aiming for the Ball
3. Straight Shooting & Beach Pep Talk
4. Transfer and Finish & Cafe Discussion
5. The Backswing & Arm and Shoulders
6. Getting off the Tee & Student Grip Review
7. Introduction to Woods & Fairway Woods

8. Woods Review & Transfer and Woods
9. Chip and Run & 9-Iron Approach
10. Sandtraps & Putting Discussion
11. Putting & Reading the Green
12. Golf Etiquette
13. The Student's First Game


As you can see below, Good Golf is Easy take you to some of the most beautiful courses and locations in Europe.

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