Undeliverable: Email Etiquette for Today's Workplace DVD
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Undeliverable: Email Etiquette for Today's Workplace

Master professional email ettiquette with this entertaining DVD

Undeliverable DVD: Customer Service via Email
Undeliverable DVD: Customer Service via Email image
Undeliverable DVD: Customer Service via Email image
Undeliverable DVD: Customer Service via Email image
Undeliverable DVD: Customer Service via Email image
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E-mail communication has quickly become a preferred method of contact for many of your customers. Without adequate training, your customer service representatives may be making costly mistakes that result in dissatisfied customers, lost revenue, and a tarnished reputation.

Undeliverable: E-mail Etiquette for Today's Workplace will instill your employees with best practices for handling customer service issues via e-mail. They'll also learn how to avoid those disastrous errors that plague so many companies.

Undeliverable ensures a more knowledgeable staff and satisfied customers for years to follow.

Features & specs

  • 13 fast-paced sections
  • Includes 4 interactive quizzes
  • Printable certificate of completion
  • Train an unlimited number of employees with 1 copy
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Help your employees master email customer service

An increasing number of customers prefer email contact over telephone contact. However, many of these customers are dissatisfied with the service they receive via email.

If your company does not have a comprehensive email training program or even a set of email etiquette guidelines, your customer service reps may be committing dozens of common, yet easy-to-fix errors. These gaffes could be costing you customers and severely tainting your reputation.

"The Undeliverable e-Mail etiquette DVD is a comprehensive, simple-to-understand guide to using email. If you send any business correspondence via email, then you should take the time to watch the program. Vat19 has done a terrific job of weaving in some entertaining vignettes with some important information about the do's and don'ts of email."

Shep Hyken, best-selling author of "The Cult of the Customer"

Enter Undeliverable: Email Etiquette for Today's Workplace. This comprehensive customer service email program will teach your employees how to turn each contact with your customers into a positive interaction that fosters goodwill and word-of-mouth advertising.

Customer Service Email Program
Our knowledgeable host guides your staff through 13 fast-paced sections
covering formatting, professionalism, and much more.

Email lives forever. Make sure yours doesn't haunt you.

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Every email conversation between one of your customer service representatives and your customers can be jettisoned around the Internet in a matter of hours. An embarassing conversation could cost your company dearly in terms of damage to your brand.

Ensure that every conversation between your company and your valued customers is handled professionally by investing in Undeliverable: Email Etiquette for Today's Workplace.

Topics covered:

1. Introduction8. Censor Yourself
2. Address Fields9. Sending Attachments
3. The Subject Field10. Professional Closings
4. Addressing Recipients11. Proofreading
5. Grammar & Punctuation12. Responding to Email
6. Formatting13. Good News vs. Bad News Email
7. Message Clarity & Brevity 

Informative animations teach winning techniques

Crisp, clean graphical animations that reinforce valuable information will keep your employees alert and learning.

Numerous examples of accepted email conventions are contrasted with the common and unprofessional emails that so many of us are accustomed to receiving.

Interactive animations teach email customer service
Dozens of graphical animations highlight the good, the bad, and the downright horrendous
when it comes to customer service via email.

Entertaining examples highlight pivotal concepts

Humorous real-life reenactments will both entertain and educate your staff. Undeliverable: Email Etiquette for Today's Workplace is no borefest. It's fast-paced, yet thorough. It's professional, yet fun. And it's sure to improve your customer relations.

"Every business from a one person shop to the largest corporations should have the Undeliver@ble DVD as a mandatory must see for every single employee before they are given access to company e-mail.  Undeliver@ble covers all the issues that many in the business world have not thought about nor do they realize the implications of - both positive and negative alike."

Judith Kallos, founder of BusinessEmailEtiquette.com

Customer service training email etiquette
Would you complain out loud about a co-worker's personal hygiene? Hopefully not.
Don't do the same via email as the consequences could be disastrous.

Undeliverable provides verifiable training

After watching the program, your employees can help prove their mastery of customer service email etiquette by completing four interactive quizzes.

Upon successful completion of each quiz, they will be presented with a unique completion code. These completion codes can be entered into our website for verification. Your employees can then print out a certificate of completion.

Verifiable email customer service training
Printable certificates of completion are awarded to employees passing all four interactive quizzes.

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