Ambient Space DVD: The Best of NASA Photos
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Ambient Space DVD: The Best of NASA Photos

Bring home the best of NASA photos.

Ambient Space DVD
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
Ambient Space DVD image
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Ever wanted to travel through outer space? With our Ambient Space DVD, you can see all the wonders of the universe from the comfort of your own sofa.

Ambient Space features over two hours of awe-inspiring photos direct from NASA's archives. Choose to watch them all or create your own custom playlist of scenes. With your choice of one of three music tracks. With five bonus educational videos also included, there is much to see, hear, and learn on the Ambient Space DVD.

Features & specs

  • Includes over 700 images
  • Divided into eight galleries
  • Galleries 1-4: Galaxies, Nebulae, Early NASA, Solar System
  • Galleries 5-8: Planet Earth, Space Flight, The Shuttle, Strange & Exotic
  • Loop mode for continuous playback
  • Bonus DVD-Rom material
  • Create your own playlists
  • Optimized for both 4:3 and 16:9 televisions
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

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The Best of NASA Photos

"...technically flawless..." -Midwest Book Review

The Ambient Space DVD is the perfect way to enjoy the best of NASA's rich history. Each of the 700+ photographs was carefully selected for its beauty or historical significance.

They were then divided into eight distinct galleries: Nebulae, Galaxies, Early NASA, Solar System, Space Flight, The Shuttle, Planet Earth, and The Strange & Exotic.

You can choose to view one gallery, all galleries, or create a custom playlist to only view the galleries in which you're interested. While watching, you can hit a button on your remote control to turn on subtitles which contain a caption for every photograph.

Ambient Space DVD

Ambient Space: The Best of NASA Photos: Features:

Ambient Art plasma tv screensaver includes loop mode.
The Ambient Space DVD can be set to loop infinitely. You can even create custom playlists.
Ambient Space includes bonus pc desktop wallpapers.
Bonus material includes wallpapers for your computer and five educational sequences about the history of NASA.
Ambient Art fills all screens.
Ambient Space DVD is optimized to fill the entire screen on both 16:9 and 4:3 televisions.
Ambient Art includes multiple music options.
Choose between classical, ambient, and acoustic guitar music which you can pair with any scene.

Ambient Space DVD: Ultimate Photo Gallery includes over 700 Eye-Popping Images!

Enjoy the best images from NASA's archives in this amazing 2+ hour outer space video slideshow.

Ambient Space DVD special features:

  • Loop mode: Watch your favorite scenes over and over.
  • Image Captions: Learn what exactly you're viewing!
  • Classical, Ambient, and Acoustic Guitar music
  • 700+ high-res images from NASA's archives
  • Bonus desktop wallpapers for your computer or laptop

Bring home the best of NASA's outer space photos!

Cool NASA photo of a planet in our solar system.
This outer space DVD features breathtaking NASA photos.
Turn your TV into an outer space video extravaganza.
The Hubble Telescope's outer space photos look deeper into space than ever before.
Check out NASA photos of experimental aircraft.
Awe-inspiring NASA space video.
Check out photos of NASA's experimental aircraft.
We chose the most breathtaking images to create awe-inspiring outer space video.
Click on an image for a larger view.
Note: Watermark is only present on web images and is not visible in the DVD.

Image Captions - Learn Your Space Science

Turn Names On

While watching the Ambient Space DVD, you may wonder to yourself, "What on Earth is that?" While the answer may not be of this earth, it is easily discovered with our educational image captions.

A simple click of the remote and the caption pops right up. It's just as easy to turn the caption off.


Loop Mode

Loop Mode

Every DVD in the Ambient Series has the ability to loop any scene. This means there won't be any breaks in the action if you want to watch your favorite scene over and over.

Or you can simply put the entire Ambient Space DVD on repeat.

Multiple Music Options

You can pair any scene in the Ambient Space DVD with Classical, Ambient, or Acoustic Guitar music.

Custom Playlists for the Ultimate in Control

The playlist feature, a hallmark of the Ambient Series, allows you to organize the eight scenes in Ambient Space in any order that you wish.

You can pair any of the music choices (Classical, Ambient, and Acoustic Guitar) with any scene. The playlists loop automatically.

Create a playlist of space videos.
Pick your scene.
Pick the audio to accompany your NASA video.

You can create your own custom playlist.

Or you can view the entire DVD.

Order the eight outer space and space program scenes in any order you wish.

All playlists loop automatically.

You can pick an audio choice for each scene, or you can have the Ambient Space DVD pick for you!

Repeat for up to 6 scenes.

Works on ANY Television

Martini Guy enjoys outer space videos.

Martini Guy can't get enough of these NASA videos.

No matter what type of television you own, the Ambient Space DVD is designed to look amazing and will always fill the entire screen.

You'll never have black bars!


Bonus #1: Five Educational Videos

Experimental NASA aircraft.
Learn more about space science with five short educational videos on outer space topics.
  1. NASA/NACA: The Early Days
  2. Mercury/Gemini/Apollo Programs
  3. Science Fiction: X-Planes, Test Craft, & Concept Art
  4. The Space Shuttle
  5. The Hubble Space Telescope

See, the Ambient Space DVD, isn't all just good looks! You can learn something here, too!

Bonus #2: Amazing Outer Space Wallpapers

Bonus Desktop Outer Space Wallpapers for your Computer's Desktop.


As a bonus, we've included 242 desktop wallpapers for your PC or Mac.

Each wallpaper is at 1280x1024 resolution.


More Screenshots!

Hubble is nearly the size of a large school bus—but it can fit inside a space shuttle cargo bay.
Hubble records its images in the visible spectrum. Thus, watching our outer space DVD is like viewing space with the naked eye.
Relive the journeys to the moon with these amazing images.
At any point while watching these NASA videos, you can hit the subtitle button on your remote to learn about the image.
The Space Shuttle is the world's most advanced machine.
Our outer space video of Hubble images sometimes look like Surrealist paintings.
Click on an image for a larger view. Note: Watermark is on web images only and does not appear on the DVD.

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