The Racing Sailor DVD: Winning tactics for small sailboat racing.
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The Racing Sailor DVD

Winning tactics for small sailboat racing.

The Racing Sailor DVD
The Racing Sailor DVD image
The Racing Sailor DVD image
The Racing Sailor DVD image
The Racing Sailor DVD image
The Racing Sailor DVD image
The Racing Sailor DVD image
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Through a combination of top-notch instruction and cutting-edge 3D graphics, The Racing Sailor will have you sailing faster and winning more races.

You'll discover everything you need to take your boat from the dock to the winner's podium, including strategy, tactics, and boat handling. Learn tips to increase boat speed, point higher, and turn more quickly.

The Racing Sailor will teach you how sailboats work, how race courses are laid out, and how to sail fast and win!

Features & specs

  • Comprehensive tactical sailing instruction
  • Easy-to-understand 3D animations
  • Nautical dictionary with 296 terms
  • Tips to improve all aspects of your sailing
  • Learn the most important sailing knots
  • This item is a Vat19 exclusive!

Sail smarter. Sail faster. And win more races!

The Racing Sailor teaches:

  • Race starts
  • Upwind strategy and tactics
  • Reach tactics
  • Downwind strategy
  • Finishing techniques
  • Wind shift management
  • Offensive techniques
  • Mark rounding
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Learn to sail faster DVD
The Racing Sailor focuses on teaching you the techniques needed to sail faster.

Learn quickly from our motion-realistic animations

If you want to get started in sailboat racing, you'll need a thorough understanding of how sails work. If you don't fully understand how the movement of wind across your sails translates into forward movement, you'll never achieve maximum speeds.

While it's possible to learn about sailboat racing in books, static illustrations can't compete with the motion-realistic 3D animations that we created for The Racing Sailor.

Learn how sails work with our sailboat racing DVD
In-depth graphical animations help illustrate complex concepts.

"Motion-realistic" means that our animated boat behaves like a real boat

Our animations aren't photo-realistic. And that's a good thing. We went to great lengths to make each animation include as much detail as is necessary, but nothing superfluous. So, you won't see any pelicans or seagulls flying overhead. But, you will see your sail swing violently when gybing and you will see detailed explanations of how air detaches from your sail with too large a draft.

The main goal is to teach you how to sail more efficiently and faster. Our animations are merely a tool to achieve this goal -- plus, they look darned good.

Sailing Racing DVD
Unlike books or other videos, our sail actually looks
and behaves like cloth, as opposed to a pie-shaped piece of cardboard.

Perfect for any small boat sailor interested in going faster!

Sailing can definitely be relaxing and not every sailboat trip needs to be a race. But, when you do enter a competition or challenge a friend to a quick race across the lake, why not go as fast as you can? The Racing Sailor teaches you more than just how to sail. It teaches sailboat racing strategies so you can jump out to a quick lead, maintain it by throwing bad air and putting opponents in your wind shadow, and cruising to an impressive victory.

Sailboat racing near the layline
Sailboat racing when rounding the mark
Learn how to sail your boat effectively near lay lines.
Exploit sailing right-of-way rules when rounding the mark.

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