Blindside Board Game: The Game of Directional Domination
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Blindside Board Game

The game of directional domination.

Blindside Board Game
Blindside Board Game image
Blindside Board Game image
Blindside Board Game image
Blindside Board Game image
Blindside Board Game image
Blindside Board Game image
Blindside Board Game image
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Blindside is a two-person strategy game like no other. Although it uses some mechanics from checkers and borrows some of the gameplay from chess, Blindside is in a class of its own.

Game pieces are loaded with arrows that determine the direction and number of spaces they can move each turn. Successfully attack your opponent's pieces to capture their arrows and restrict their movements. Use action spaces to rotate your piece or change direction mid-move.

Combine Blindside's unique gameplay with reconfigurable game spaces, multiple arrow configurations, and an interlocking board system that allows games to be played on 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of its pieces, and you've got the ultimate game of directional domination.

Ages 8+.

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Features & specs

  • 2 players
  • Ages 10+

Flex your wit, cunning, and guile

Blindside is a unique, two-person strategy game. It plays like checkers, but the pieces move like pawns in chess. However, each pawn has a specific range of mobility that may change throughout the game depending on your opponent's play.

Oh, and the board itself can be reconfigured using 1, 2, 3, or all 4 of its pieces. But that's not all. Game spaces as well as each piece's mobility can be altered on a per-game basis for a consistently rich playing experience. Yeah, Blindside is pretty freakin' fun.

Two men playing a game of Blindside.
Blindside is a unique strategy game for two players.

A unique blend of checkers and chess

At first glance, Blindside may appear complicated and foreign. That's because anything new and awesome may appear odd at first glance.

However, the creators of Blindside took interesting aspects of checkers and chess as well as a healthy dollop of their own awesome ideas, tossed them into a blender, and set that bad boy to frappé. A few minutes later, out popped Blindside!

Blindside is an interesting amalgamation of Chess and Checkers.
Blindside incorporates aspects of checkers and chess along with new and unique ideas.

An awesome twist on the traditional pawn

They may be called "pawns", but these game pieces are anything but boring. Their movement is determined by several factors: the number of arrows loaded on the pawn, the direction of those arrows, and the nature of the space they wish to occupy.

Pawns must move in straight lines, one space at a time (like in checkers), for as many spaces as they have arrows. Their direction of movement is limited to the directions for which their arrows point. Action spaces (indicated by black and red circular arrows) allow your piece to change direction during its turn.

Capturing an opponent's arrows can be achieved via two methods: jumping over them (as in checkers) or finishing your move by landing on top of them.

Note: We are fully aware that there are a decent amount of rules to Blindside (which also makes it fun). This is why we strongly suggest watching our video for more detail.

Blindside's game pieces can perform a variety of maneuvers per turn.
Movement of pawns is determined by several factors such as number of loaded arrows and game board configuration.

A truly unique playing surface

Traditional board games (such as chess and checkers) feature 8x8 grids. Blindside's battlefield is an irregular collection of hexagonal spaces. The board itself is comprised of four interlocking pieces which can be rearranged in a variety of configurations to enhance gameplay.

Blindside employs a unique game board featuring four interlocking pieces.
Blindside features an irregularly shaped and reconfigurable game board.

Your goal is to collect your enemy's arrows

Because the mobility of a pawn directly corresponds to the number of arrows loaded onto it, the best way to weaken your opponent (and ultimately win the game) is to eliminate their arrows. You can capture your enemy's arrows in two ways: jump attack or landing attack.

In a jump attack, you take the arrow that aligns with the direction of the jump. If their pawn doesn't have an arrow in that direction, too bad, so sad. You collect nothing. Thus, you must execute a careful plan to capture arrows.

In a landing attack, which requires reaching the opponent's pawn on the last move of your turn, you remove an arrow of your choosing. Use this opportunity wisely!

Your goal in Blindside is to capture your enemy's arrows.
To win a game of Blindside, capture 17 of your opponent's 23 arrows.

An ever-changing battlefield

The Blindside board can be arranged in a variety of configurations. Use one to four of the interlocking board pieces to create a variety of combat zones.

The Blindside game board can be configured in a multitude of ways simply be rearranging the interlocking board pieces.
Connect one to four of the interlocking board pieces to create interesting game setups.

What's in the box!

Blindside includes four interlocking board pieces, 14 start spaces (7 per player), 14 pawns (7 per player), 12 action spaces, and 46 arrows (23 per player). Detailed instructions (not pictured) are also included.

Contents of the Blindside game box.
Blindside box contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: This game seems a tad confusing. Is it difficult to learn?

Answer: Not really. Check out our product video near the top of the page as it gives a great overview in just a few minutes. Trust us that once you "get" the concept, you're going to love it!

Question: How long does a typical game last?

Answer: We'd estimate 30-40 minutes.

Question: Is Blindside only for nerds?

Answer: First, let's give nerds their due credit. More specifically, let's give three nerds named John Bardeen, William Shockley, and Walter Brattain their due credit. These geniuses invented the transistor, which makes all modern electronics possible. So, without these so-called nerds, much of life as we know it wouldn't exist. So, lay off the nerds and flex your brain muscle. It's powerful and can be a force for all that is good in this world.

And yes, Blindside is a bit nerdy, and that's how we like it.

Question: So... if I'm not a nerd, should I still buy it?

Answer: Yes, of course! We'll tell you anything you want to hear to make a sale. Be a nerd. Don't be a nerd. Just buy, buy, buy!

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

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