Crocheted Knight Hat with Pivoting Visor and Comb.
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The Medieval Knight Hat

Crocheted knight helm with pivoting visor and comb.

Medieval Knight Hat
Medieval Knight Hat image
Medieval Knight Hat image
Medieval Knight Hat image
Medieval Knight Hat image
Medieval Knight Hat image
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Medieval Knight Hat - Adult
This item has been discontinued.
Medieval Knight Hat - Child
This item has been discontinued.


Get medieval on winter with the Medieval Knight Hat. This ultra-soft and handmade acrylic beanie features all the trimmings of a middle ages horseman.

The Medeival Knight Hat is adorned with a prototypical crown (aka fin) and outfitted with a pivoting and detachable visor.

Available in both adult and child sizes, the itch-free Medieval Knight Hat will keep your face warm and looking awesome whether you're hitting the slopes or braving a bitter trek to the school or office.

Features & specs

  • Material: 100% acrylic yarn (super soft!)
  • Never itchy or scratchy
  • Pivoting visor is also detachable
  • Made by hand
  • Hand wash only
  • Available in adult and child sizes

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Become the master of the winter realm!

The Crocheted Knight Hat is a beanie that looks like a medieval knight's helm (which is medieval slang for helmet). It boasts a pivoting visor and comb (which is what chivalrous bros call the fin on the back of the helm).

Now, set off and storm the cold with your armor of knit!

Man wearing a Knitted Knight Hat before shredding the gnar gnar.
The Medieval Knight Hat was designed to keep your face warm and looking awesome everywhere you go.

Visor rotates for quick access to food & drink

Many awesome medieval helms featured pivoting visors, so we had to include one on our Medieval Knight Hat. It provides extra warmth for your face, but also convenient access for a quick drink or snack.

Model demonstrates how the pivoting visor works.
Whenst you require a leg of mutton, flip up your pivoting visor for access to your mouth hole.

Itch-free warmth!

Just like our Beard Hat, the Medieval Knight Hat is made from ultra-soft 100% acrylic yarn. This means that it won't itch your sensitive skin. The swiveling visor can also be detached should you wish to look less awesome. JK, JK! But seriously, it is detachable.

The Knitted Knight Hat is made from super-soft 100% acrylic yarn and features a detachable visor mouthguard.
Because it's made from 100% acrylic yarn, the Crocheted Knight Hat is soft and itch free.

We didn't forget the kids!

The Medieval Knight Hat looks equally stunning on the kiddos. We recommend kids aged 6-12 purchase our child's size.

Small girl wearing the Knitted Knight Hat.
Your little lords and ladies will certainly enjoy the Medieval Knight Hat.

Available in two sizes

The Medieval Knight Hat is available in two sizes: adult and child.

We recommend the child size for kids 6-12. We recommend the adult size for everybody else with access to a credit card, PayPal account, or similar form of payment. Heck, we'd probably even accept gummy bears as trade. Just make sure you get in on this awesome knight action!

Knitted Knight Hat is available in adult and child sizes.
The Medieval Knight Hat is available in both adult and child sizes.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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