Mini Sky Automatic Umbrella: The Umbrella with the Eternally Cheerful Sky
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Mini Sky Umbrella with Auto-Open, Auto-Close

Automatic umbrella with an eternally cheerful blue sky

Mini Sky Umbrella (Automatic)
Mini Sky Umbrella (Automatic) image
Mini Sky Umbrella (Automatic) image
Mini Sky Umbrella (Automatic) image
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The sky is usually dull and gray when it's raining. So, when it's pouring, cover your head with the everlasting blue skies of the Mini Sky Umbrella. And when the sun does poke its head back out again, just hit the button on the umbrella's handle to quickly close it! The auto-open auto-close feature of the Mini Sky Umbrella is great for those of us who are constantly toting around too much stuff to devote two hands to our umbrella.

Features & specs

  • 38" span when opened
  • 11" long when closed
  • Easy auto-open and auto-close button
  • Designed by MoMA

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Keep things cheery on dreary days

The 38-inch span of the Mini Sky Umbrella is plenty to cover two people. When collapsed, the Sky Umbrella is only about 11 inches long, so it can fit easily into a purse or small work bag.

The MoMA automatic Mini Sky Umbrella puts a cheery blue sky over your head whenever dreary rains hits.
Put clear blue skies over your head whenever it's pouring (or when it's 105 degrees with 115% humidity).

Automatically opens and closes

All you need to do to open or close the Mini Sky Umbrella is press the button on the handle. Since this only requires one hand, you're left with a free one to open doors, grab your keys, or fight off evildoers.

The Mini Sky Umbrella from MoMA automatically opens and closes with the push of a button.
Use the auto-open, auto-close button for one-handed control of your Mini Sky Umbrella.

Compact size = easy portability

When closed, the Mini Sky Umbrella is a compact 11 inches long. It comes with a protective nylon covering as well as a plastic case (not pictured).

Thanks to its small size, the Blu Sky Umbrella is easily portable.
Your Mini Sky Umbrella is small and compact when collapsed.

And hey, if fluffy clouds on an umbrella don't do it for you, how about fluffy clouds on your TV? It's possible with the Ambient Calm DVD.

Where can I buy this awesomeness?

*Note: The product details shown on Vat19 may vary from what is available at the store(s) above.

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