Scroll Pen: The ballpoint pen with a built-in scroll of paper.
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Scroll Pen Gift Set

Ballpoint pen with a built-in roll of paper.

Scroll Pen Gift Set
Scroll Pen Gift Set image
Scroll Pen Gift Set image
Scroll Pen Gift Set image
Scroll Pen Gift Set image
Scroll Pen Gift Set image
Scroll Pen Gift Set image
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  • Scroll Pen Gift Set
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  • Scroll Pen Gift Set — Pen, Scrolls + Gift Box
  • Scroll Pen Gift Set — 3-Pack of Paper Refills
Scroll Pen Gift Set - Pen, Scrolls + Gift Box
Pen, Scrolls + Gift Box
This item has been discontinued.
Scroll Pen Gift Set - 3-Pack of Paper Refills
3-Pack of Paper Refills
This item has been discontinued.


Pens don't get much cooler than the Scroll Pen! This high-quality ballpoint pen features a unique canister housing twenty-eight inches of paper.

Simply twist the top of the Scroll Pen to unwind a two-inch tall leaf of paper to jot down important notes at a moment's notice.

The Scroll Pen arrives packaged in a sleek gift box with three blank scrolls. Uses standard D1 ballpoint pen refills.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions (Pen): 5.75" x 0.4375" (diameter)
  • Dimensions (Scroll): 28" x 1.9375"
  • Gift set includes pen + 3 paper scrolls
  • Twist knob to unroll the paper scroll
  • Barrel auto-telescopes when separated from paper
  • Material: brass with white plating and lacquer
  • Uses standard D1 ballpoint pen refills

You'll always have a piece of paper handy!

With the Scroll Pen, you'll never again be forced to jot down an important note on the back of your hand, on the impossibly waxy wrapping of a Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, or on your other smartphone (what, you don't have two?) while taking an important call.

Sure, smartphones are great — especially when you can turn them into LEGO® platforms. But there are simply some situations when you need paper and pen. With the Scroll Pen, these two inextricably linked items are combined into one quality device.

Always have a pen and paper at the ready with the Scroll Pen.
What better combination than a pen with a roll of paper inside of it!

Over 50 square inches of paper per roll!

The replaceable paper scrolls (you get 3 with the Scroll Pen) are twenty-eight inches (71cm) long. That's more than half the area of a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper! That's a ton of space for plenty of emergency note-taking situations.

Each scroll includes over two feet of paper!
Each refillable scroll includes 28" (71.1cm) of paper!

Simply rotate the knob to unroll paper

The Scroll Pen is exceptionally easy to use. Simply spin the top of the pen to wind and unwind the paper.

Simply twist the top of the Scroll Pen to wind and unwind the paper.
Twist the top of the Scroll Pen to unroll the paper scroll.

Auto-expanding barrel = comfy grip

For a pen to write on a piece of paper connected to itself requires that it can separate into two pieces.

The problem this presents, however, is that you'll end up with a fairly short barrel with which to write — unless, of course, you're the wicked smart Scroll Pen designers and fashioned the pen with an automatically telescoping barrel!

As you separate the two parts of the Scroll Pen, the lower portion automatically extends roughly twice its length for a perfect grip.

The ScrollPen features an automatically telescoping barrel for easy and comfortable writing.
Upon separation from the paper canister, the Scroll Pen's barrel
automatically telescopes for a more comfortable grip.

Easy to tear off your notes

The opening for the Scroll Pen's paper rolls provides a second and highly useful function: paper tearing! The metal straight edge facilitates clean and square edges when you rip off a piece.

The paper slit provides a convenient brace for tearing off your notes.
The Scroll Pen's dispensing slot provides a straight edge ideal for tearing off your notes.

Gift-ready packaging

The Scroll Pen comes bundled with an attractive gift box along with two extra replacement scrolls. The pen is pre-loaded with a roll, so you or a loved one will have nearly 7 feet of scrolls to start with!

If you need more, yes, we sell replacement scroll packs.

The Scroll Pen is packaged in an attractive gift box with two replacement scrolls.
The Scroll Pen Gift Set includes two additional replacement scrolls packaged in an attractive gift box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the ink cartridge replaceable?

Answer: Yes! The Scroll Pen uses a standard D1 ballpoint refill which can be found at nearly any office supply store.

Question: Can I get more scrolls?

Answer: Of course! The Scroll Pen Gift Set includes three scrolls (one pre-loaded in the pen and two extra replacements), but if you need more you can pick up a 3-pack of additional scrolls right here.

Question: How does the pen tip retract?

Answer: Simply twist the barrel of the pen tip to expose the ballpoint.

This product has been discontinued. Frown face!

Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase.

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