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Two-player sumo strategy game.

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In Abalone, a pair of players take turns sliding the marbles around the board with the goal of pushing the opposing player's marbles off the board.

When your column of marbles is bigger than your opponent’s, you can press forward, knocking one of their marbles off the edge.

With six sides, you’ll need to constantly balance offensive tactics with defensive strategy to push six enemy marbles off the board and claim victory.

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Features & specs

  • Two-player strategy game
  • Hexagonal board with 61 spaces
  • Two opposing forces with 14 marbles
  • Includes: 1 game board, 28 marbles, 1 set of rules
  • Recommended ages: 7+
  • Average play time: 20 minutes
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Strategic sphere shifting

Prepare to engage in a civilized battle of wits as you sit down for a game of Abalone. Shift your marbles around the board and nudge your opponent's off the side. Once you've forced six enemy balls out of bounds, you've successfully mentally manhandled your opponent!

Shoving never seemed so nice.

Sumo shoving

To dominate in checkers, your pieces jump your opponent's. In chess, your pieces replace your opponent's. And to dominate in Abalone, you must literally dominate your opponent's pieces.

Strategically move your unimpeded pieces one space in any direction as a single piece, a pair, or a trio. If your set of pieces encounters an enemy ball and you've got a more massive marble set, you can actually push their sphere out of the way. Shove a total of six enemy marbles off the edge and crown yourself the monochromatic monarch of the table top.

Move a single ball or up to 3, form a Summito, and eject your opponent
Make a push for victory.

Plenty of pearls

The abalone game set includes a hexagonal game board, two sets of fourteen marbles for a complete set of twenty-eight spheres, and a detailed rules booklet, all packaged in a unique trapezoid-shaped box.

Includes durable game board, 28 pieces, and detailed rules booklet
Grab a friend, and you're good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What material are the spheres made out of?

Answer: The marbles are made of quality glass in either black or white.

Question: Is this Travel Abalone?

Answer: No, this is the full-size tabletop version of Abalone.

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