AirFort: An inflatable fort that’s ready in seconds.
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Build an inflatable fort in seconds.

Instant fort!
Once deflated, the AirFort rolls up in seconds.
Available in Camo Gray and Circus Tent Blue.
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  • AirFort
  • Blanket forts are officially on notice.
  • Instant fort!
  • Holds up to five people!
  • Once deflated, the AirFort rolls up in seconds.
  • Available in Camo Gray and Circus Tent Blue.
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    • Please note: The AirFort no longer comes with a drawstring carrying bag.
  • AirFort — Circus Tent Blue
AirFort - Circus Tent Blue
Circus Tent Blue
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AirFort - Camo Gray
Camo Gray
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Blanket forts are the classic dwelling of childhood, but once erected, the hodgepodge of blankets and dining room chairs tend to stay up… for too long. AirFort is a new kind of childhood hangout that can be ready at a moment’s notice and taken down in a snap.

Attach the front of your AirFort to a box fan using the included adhesive tabs. The air from the fan inflates the fort in seconds, quickly creating an igloo-shaped structure over six feet long. The roomy play area has plenty of space for sleepovers, games of go fish, and family bonding.

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Features & specs

  • Inflates in seconds with box fan (not included)
  • Collapses in seconds and rolls up for storage
  • Dimensions (inflated): 77” x 50” (195.6 cm x 127 cm)
  • Fits up to 5 kids/adults at the same time
  • Floorless design for easy entrance and exit
  • Viewing window on wall
  • Mesh divider prevents access to fan
  • Material: 100% breathable polyester fabric
  • Recommended age: 3 to 14 years
  • Includes: AirFort, 4 adhesive tabs, instruction/safety manual
  • Works best with a 20" box fan or 18" tabletop round fan

Notes on this video

  • Please note: The AirFort no longer comes with a drawstring carrying bag.

Sets up in seconds

Whether they’re in a treehouse, under the bed, or you still haven’t found them yet, children love having hideaways. Now AirFort makes it easier than ever to set up your own playspace right in your house.

Simply unroll the portable playhouse, attach the included adhesive tabs to your fan, and turn it on. Within seconds, your AirFort will be a fully inflated bunker of fun. The tabs keep the fort attached to your fan so your structure will stay nice and full.

Blanket forts are officially on notice.

Fortified fun

AirFort is made for easy setup and easy playtime, thanks to a floorless design that lets you enter from any direction. Simply lift up the wall to enter or exit; the material will naturally settle back to the ground behind you and the air refills it back into shape.

Without a rigid structure getting in the way, you can easily move in and out without knocking over a load-bearing encyclopedia or accidentally demoing your blanket roof.

Instant fort
Instant fort!

Room for fun

Once inflated, AirFort is over six feet long and over four feet tall! The portable playhouse has enough room for five adults to comfortably sit around the circular interior.

The mesh divider separates the fan from the play area to make sure no one gets close to the spinning blades and the mesh window lets you peek outside to make sure only those with playtime clearance can get in.

Holds up to five people!

Two colors

AirFort is available in two colors: Circus Tent Blue and Camo Gray. Both styles offer the same spacious play area, making them the perfect place for sharing secrets, telling ghost stories, and having no boys (or girls) allowed.

Two colors inflatable fort
Available in Camo Gray and Circus Tent Blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it come with the fan?

Answer: You’ll need to supply your own fan to inflate AirFort. It works best with a 20" box fan or 18" tabletop round fan

Question: How long do I keep the fan on?

Answer: The fan supplies the air that keeps AirFort inflated, so you keep it on until you want to deflate the structure.

Question: Won’t it get cold and noisy?

Answer: We didn’t find this to be a problem. We used a pretty standard box fan and did not have to use high speed in order to keep AirFort inflated.

Question: How long does it take to inflate?

Answer: Expect your AirFort to inflate in 10-15 seconds.

Question: Where’s the door?

Answer: AirFort does not have a door. Instead, it uses a floorless design for easy entry/exit. Simply lift up the wall to crawl in and out.

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Camo Gray

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