Insta Snow Powder: Add water to make instant fake snow
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Insta Snow Powder

Add water to make snow in an instant!

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This is one of the coolest products we've seen. Just mix a scoop of Insta Snow powder with water to make an eruption of fluffy snow that will not melt and lasts for weeks.

Insta Snow is safe to touch, non-toxic, and guaranteed to amaze. We've been mesmerized ever since we first laid eyes on this instant snow powder.

Features & specs

  • Expands 100 times original size
  • Just add water
  • Won't melt and is non-toxic
  • Amazingly fluffy
  • Easy to clean up (simply vacuum)
  • Ages 3+

Notes on this video

  • The jar shown in this video has been replaced by a bag that holds the same amount of Insta Snow powder.

Insta Snow Powder: Make fake snow in an instant!

We love Insta Snow! It's just so darned cool. Simply put a few scoops of the Insta Snow fake snow powder into a glass, a bowl, or your hands, and add a little water. BAM! An eruption of fluffy fake snow takes place before your eyes.

Insta Snow Powder creates fake snow
Insta Snow allows you to make fake snow indoors.

One bag of non-toxic and environmentally safe Insta Snow makes about 2 gallons of fake snow. And yes, you can make a snowman with Insta Snow fake snow.

Easy to make

Insta Snow fake snow powder is super fun and incredibly easy to make. Simply take a scoop (or many scoops for a cool eruption effect) and add a bit of water. Voila! Instant snow!

Start with a scoop of Insta Snow fake snow powder + Just add water to insta-snow fake snow to create fluffy artificial snow. = Look at that gorgeous fluffy fake snow
Add water to the Insta Snow Powder and you'll instantly have fluffy, fake snow.

Expands 100 times its original size!

Just add water and Insta Snow expands to 100 times its original volume. And the coolest part is that this happens incredibly fast. It literally erupts inside whatever container you've placed the powder.  Making artifical snow is easy!

So, let your imagination run wild with all the cool things you can do with Insta Snow powder. Try putting a little in the bottom of a champagne glass (but don't drink it, of course!). Or put some in a friend's water glass and watch their amazement when they fill it up with water.

Check out the video below to see just how much Insta Snow is created by 3.5oz of the fake snow powder.

Please note: The jar in the video below has been replaced by a bag that contains the same amount of powder.

Won't melt and lasts for weeks

We've had some Insta Snow lying around our offices for weeks. And the most remarkable thing is that the instant snow feels cool to the touch even after it's been sitting out for days. It's simply an amazing product that is so much fun to play with!

Insta Snow Fake Snow doesn't melt
There are tons of cool uses for this realistic fake snow.

Can I make a snowman with Insta Snow?

YES! Simply put the Insta Snow into the freezer and it acts even more like real snow. So, go ahead and make your own Frosty...indoors! While the one we made (pictured below) is quite small, you could make enough snow from just one bag to create a snowman that's 18" to 36" tall.

Make Snow indoors and create your own Snowman.
Make fake snow indoors (while lounging in your favorite t-shirt)
and then create a fake snowman. Sweet.

Can I eat Insta Snow?

Although Insta Snow fake snow is non-toxic and environmentally safe, you shouldn't eat it. We tried putting some of the powder on our tongues to see if fake snow would erupt. It didn't. And we're still alive. However, we still don't recommend trying this at home.

Add Insta-Snow fake snow to a christmas treeAdd Insta-Snow fake snow to a christmas tree

Use Insta Snow fake snow to decorate a tree, your miniature villages, or any area that could use a "light dusting" of snow.

Easy clean-up

Instant snow, almost instant cleanup. Insta Snow fake snow is very easy to clean up using a vacuum cleaner.


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