Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly: A sweet spread made from moonshine.

Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly

A sweet spread made from moonshine.

Sold Out (more Dec. 16)

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Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly won’t make you go blind, but it will sweeten your toast with a hint of apple and a taste of hillbilly champagne.

The sweet spread is made with whiskey moonshine but doesn’t contain any alcohol (or bathtub remnants for that matter). Instead, the firewater bestows a gentle bite that contrasts with the jelly’s sweetness to create a unique and delicious flavor profile.

Spread the apple-flavored jelly on your next breakfast, sandwich, or snack to try a new flavor on your favorite foods.

Features & specs

  • Apple-flavored jelly made with whiskey moonshine
  • Net wt: 18 oz (510 g)
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Made in the USA

Shot of sweetness

Top your next piece of toast with Apple Pie Moonshine and smuggle extra deliciousness onto your food.

The real moonshine in the topping gives the spread an added flavor complexity not typically found in fruit preserves. Add a dollop to your next meal and embrace your inner hillbilly.

Jelly made with real moonshine
Moonshine for toast, not toasting.

Spiked with flavor

Over the years, moonshine has evolved from an illegal bathtub swill to a trendy artisanal spirit, and that crafted flavor is imbued in Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly. The 18 oz jar will spruce up your PB&Js, sweeten your crackers, and liven up your toast.

Although it’s made with genuine moonshine, you’ll still be able to drive to work after breakfast since there’s no alcohol in the spread—just a delicious hint of apple.

Moonshine flavored jelly
More like APPLE-achian drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many PB&J’s do I have to make to get buzzed?

Answer: Although Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly is made with real moonshine, the alcohol has been cooked off.

Question: Does this have a super strong taste like the moonshine grandma used to make?

Answer: The moonshine taste in the jelly is pretty subtle. There’s a soft bite, but you won’t gag like taking a swig from a jug marked “XXX.”

Sorry! We're sold out until December 16.

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