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Die-Cast Metal Army Man Bottle Opener

Open your beers with this die-cast metal army figurine.

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Open your beers with military-style exactitude with an Army Man Bottle Opener.

Styled after the popular plastic toy figurine, this decidedly sturdy die-cast metal bottle opener will make quick work of all your bottle tops.

Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 2.5" x 1"
  • Die-cast metal

Watch our Army Man Bottle Opener video

Soldier, annihilate that beer! That's an order!

One could argue that Vat19 stocks an inordinate amount of bottle openers. Poppycock! We would argue that an inordinate amount of people aren't drinking enough beer. Plus, we take the same view toward bottle openers as we do lucha libre masks: you can never have enough!

With that argument settled, please feast your eyes upon the Army Man Bottle Opener. This soldier of beer is styled after the popular plastic figurines and created with a singular purpose: opening your bottle tops!

Die-Cast Metal Army Man Bottle Opener being used in a bar.
The Army Man Bottle Opener is a cleverly designed homage to the ever-popular Army Men plastic toys.

Those 99 beers on the wall aren't going to open themselves...

We sell a variety of bad-arse bottle openers (this, this, and this) because we believe that enjoying a cold brew requires a stylish opening.

Heck, even the founder of Western Philosophy enjoyed the barley and hops!*

* Students of Plato will quickly point out that Plato's writings were never written from his point of view. However, many of the characters from the Symposium clearly got down with the world's oldest alcoholic beverage. Hey, it's been a few thousand years and a few things probably got lost in translation. However, there is no disputing that beer is awesome and the world's most popular drink after water and tea.

Multiple views of the Army Man Bottle Opener.
The Army Man Bottle Opener features the same iconic styling of the original Army Men from the 1930s and 1940s.

Expect years of distinguished service

Your Army Man Bottle Opener is made from die-cast metal. This sucker is tough as nails, looks awesome, and gets you that much closer to enjoying a frosty beer. Yeah, it's pretty much glory incarnate.

The Army Man Bottle Opener is a sturdy bottle opener made from die-cast metal.
The ultra-durable Die-Cast Metal Army Man Bottle Opener will last for years.

Can't live without it?
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